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May 23, 2010


So, what you actually say, is that the conflict between Israel and Palestine is due to the fact that some Palestinians are Jews haters and want to kill them all? Ever wondered why it is so? It sure has nothing to do with the fact that a lot of Palestinians are living in horrible conditions, misery and with Israelite planes over their heads, that might drop bombs!

I do NOT say Palestinians are angels, let it be clear! Everybody had wrongs in this story. But if you count the death on each side, I doubt Israel suffered the most. And look at the force balance! Can you really say the fight is fair?

I'm sorry, I'm afraid I can't agree with what you said. Yes, I do believe things can only go better if two states could be created and be treated (by the world and by each other) as equals.
There might be some fanatics in Palestine, as I'm also sure there are among Jews, and what they did to Daniel Pearl is scandalous and horrible. But I think those fanatics have the power and means they have only because the whole Palestinian population is ready to help them, because they see no other way to make there future better. Because they've see their homes rampages while they couldn't do anything. Because they have no hospital to go when they're injured and because they're living of international support for decades. And yes, maybe they became Jew haters, not because they were born this way or because it is in their religion, but because they've seen their family and friends die, touched by Israelian bullets. Because even in the United Nations buildings/camps they aren't safe from the war.
Because all they have to fight back and defend their lives - if they can't defend their land - is their hands and rocks, while the opponents has high tech guns and protections. Even if it is horrible, even if sometime innocent people die from it, I can understand why they throw home-made rockets in Israel.
Once again, I don't say it's a good thing. Killing people for any reason is something that shouldn't happen.

So now I'd like to ask you: why do you believe that "For them, there is no room in this world for the Jews" and "Hatred is their soulcraft"? What arguments do you have to give to support that at least 1% of the israeliand are just bad by nature?
An when you say they think that in the world there is no space for jews... Do you really think that if Israel wasn't there to fight, Palestinians or islamists would try and kill Jews that are somewhere else, like Europe or America? Do you really think that coming back to the boundaries as they were set in 67 is impossible?

Thanks for your attention, I hope this doesn't get too confused. I'm not an English native speaker as you probably guessed, so I ask for you indulgence toward my bad language.


Rouli, over the next year, please take notice whenever there is an attack in the world in which the attackers deliberately, purposefully, intentionally kill men, women and children who were not fighting or creating a confrontation, but just minding their own business before the attack.

After a year, let me know your results and who the attackers were.

There is only one group in the world today that is repeatedly TARGETING innocent civilians who were minding their own business before the attack (eating pizza, attending a wedding, working in an office building, flying on an airplane).

Deliberately targeting and killing innocent civilians who are minding their own business, and doing it again and again, on purpose, is an inexcusable crime.

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