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March 19, 2010


Well, in a way I hope this really does hurt caterpillar. Remember what cheerleaders they were for the stimulus and how they had the big pep rally at their plant. Serves both management and the unionized workers right. If they end up going bankrupt because of this at least we can look at them and say, "See, we told you, you dumb@sses. Now suffer."

--> Healthcare Costs x 40%

Mike: I have a $4 coupon here for a hamburger.
Server: (loudly to kitchen) Burger, well done, no salt, no cheese, no fries, half a bun. (to Mike) We'll have it for you in an hour.

Mike: Wait, I don't want it like that!
Server: It's free. Stop complaining.

Mike: (looks at next table) Their meals look good.
Server: Politicians and union guys. Where do you work?

Mike: Acme Manufacturing, why?
Server: We'll bill them for the other $6. Hah, they'll be happy.

Mike: Say, what sort of restaurant is this?
Server: Obama's Health Restaurant.

- -
The Congressional Budget Office released another estimate for ObamaCare. It still omits the cost of new private-sector mandates, nine months after the first version was released. President Obama has implicitly acknowledged this omission. The mandates will likely cost 1.5 times the amounts spent directly by government.

During Ronald Reagan's presidency, I lived in and around Washington, DC. I wasn't fond of President Reagan, probably because I read the Washington Post. I carped about everything he did or didn’t do. Besides, Ronald Reagan wasn't from my generation. He was an actor who lived on a ranch in California. He had a horse, and a hat. Then I forgot all about politics. Polyester clothing disappeared. The "wall" came down. It was safe to dress again. The respite from politics was a mixed blessing however, because when politics did reemerge, I didn't recognize the players. With age comes an appreciation for the human condition. Today, I believe Mr. Reagan was a very wise man. I understand what he meant by the importance of limited government. I further believe that if Mr. Reagan were here today, he’d admonish us to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and climb back in the saddle. I don’t know about you, but I could use one of that man’s pep talks: http://theseedsof9-11.com

Very well said, Peggy. I think I could use one of his pep talks, too.

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