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February 27, 2010


Democrats, especially those in this administration tend to ignore history, perpetually trying to 'reinvent the wheel' for the purpose of expressing their positions of authority. Look no further than the promise to close Gitmo. They didn't like the idea of having a facility to hold enemy combatants indefinitely, but after facing serious opposition, they discovered it is the best solution for a stinky problem, and have decided to leave it alone.

Likewise, there was a specific reason why we broke ties with Syria, but in 2007, idiot Pelosi broke with congressional decorum and traveled abroad meeting with Syria at the shagrin of the Bush administration. And now, once again, these fools are attempting to 'reinvent the wheel.' Only this time they will discover the hornets nest they are playing with will bring no good to anybody, and the US and our allies will suffer greatly. This is really bad news indeed.

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