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February 04, 2010


Unfortunately for Carly Fiorina, the woman is hard to like. Fortunately for Barbara Boxer, the only thing Carly's beastly campaign ad rips into is her own credibility. The State of California is bankrupt on more than a few levels.

The message is accurate; the method of delivery, adolescent. Carly is smart enough to defeat Boxer (that's not saying much), She just needs to abandon old school politics and return to a clear and concise message. Meg Whitman who is running for governor is executing a flawless campaign right now. I get 2-3 emailed updates every week as to what she is saying and doing. Fiorina needs to get hold of Whitman's play book and run some of Meg's tactics or she will be another casualty of stupid politics.

What a stupid commercial.

I was contacted by someone associated with the Fiorina after I ran some audio clips that may have put the candidate in a less than favorable light with conservatives. I just recently discovered that the bizarre ad in question was hers. My thoughts on the ad from another forum:

Regardless on one's politics, I thought the ad was bad, because it was ineffectual. First of all, it struck me more like a Monty Python skit than political discourse. It's practically unwatchable. The first time I saw it posted online, I couldn't make it all the way to the end, so I didn't even know it was Carly's ad.

Second, it was too long. If her campaign had a clear cut message, they could have made the point without trying to rely on the amateurish "power point" that Tom Campbell is baaaaaad. (See? I'm no professional and in thirty seconds I came up with a more clever punch line!) and maybe evil to boot! (The music made me think: "Darth Vader")

Plus the ad made her kind of a laughing stock, it was so bad. If I was running things there, the people who made that ad would be fired. Unless, of course, the ad was the candidates idea. Then, I'd have to find a new candidate!

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