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December 03, 2009


The Leftist/Warmist blogs are all a-twitter with comments playing down the Climategate leak. I've noticed that they seem to be using a similar playbook:

1) They don't actually quote the really "inconvenient" emails, but just claim that the whole thing is irrelevant to climate science. ("Ignore the man behind the curtain!")

2) They totally ignore the leaked source code. While emails give you a snapshot into someone's thinking at a particular time, computer code actually DOES stuff. What this code does is fudge (and actually fake) data -- that can't be "spun".

3) They largely refuse to publish responses pointing out the above points.

The alarmists can't afford a real audit of "climate science". The "scientists" at the CRU obviously were aware of this as evidenced by their emails and destruction of the raw data.

I alway read Ann Coulter's column Wednesday on HumanEvents.com. By 6:00 pm last night the comment section had already taken over by trolls. It was the most vile language and insults that I have ever read on any post of hers. It's almost like you are stealing their religion or as a believer, proved Jesus was a myth. In their case it is a religion. Just getting this into the MSM will be a battle, but ultimetly it will be the death of the same MSM who have refused to report on CRU leaks, Acorn, IGA Walprin's illegal firing due to the coverup of Americorp funds to pay off sexually harassed workers, Kenneth Gadney's SEIU beating, etc, etc.

In 1971, I first encountered the GLOBAL WARMING CULT. Terry McAuliffe was pushing the fledgling ideology out of Alexandria, Virginia. Although persuasive, the argument didn't ring true. I knew that NASA, the military, and other government agencies did extensive climate research. If the polar ice caps were indeed melting enough to cause global flooding by 1976, I would have expected that news to come from those sources. The alarm of course never sounded; global flooding never took place.

I never missed being booted from the cult (I was hardly ever in), and never expected to run into Terry or his people again, especially decades later in sunny California. Yet there they were on the Central Coast, singing the same old tune with some major new variations. It seems they had applied the Global Warming hysteria to higher education. Like Global Warming itself, education now became a massive fraud scheme designed to enrich the Global Warming Cult. By 1995, there was more to manmade Global Warming than some mere water spotting. Much more: http://theseedsof9-11.com

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