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September 26, 2009


This POTUS is a liberal fool. Yeah, sure, Iran's gonna "cooperate." In the REAL world, one doesn't lay down one's weapons and kiss up to those committed to one's destruction. Obozo has managed to make our country look ridiculous.

Why isn't anyone calling for his IMPEACHMENT?????

Obama is a very serious JOKE on the world. he has nothing to do with anything. acorn got him elected, he wanted to give them 8 billion dollars, now he doesn't know they exist, for prostitution purposes. If the congress and the senate have anything left to truly represent The American People the IMPEACH him, not like clinton where your impeached but your not, but get him out of the government.

Can anyone in the administration spell "appeasement?"

Iran understands that Obama will never do the difficult things necessary to stop nuclear development, so the Mullahs will continue to hold out. Obama will revert his efforts to the UN which has no intention of ever taking a difficult stand against Iran - Russia and China will see to that.

History has so many lessons for Obama here ( http://www.conservativeblog.thewebinfocenter.com/conservative-blog/three-historical-lessons-to-help-the-president-cope ). Unforunately, He will ignore them all.

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