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July 02, 2009


Obama inherited a broken economy that had already been sucked dry by 8 YEARS of the Worst President in at least 75 years


A chart you may find interesting:

Click Here for Unemployment Chart

LenchoElias.. you might want to take note that the unemployment rate was actually quite good until the Dems took control of the House AND Senate... it's in the chart.

Radical left-wing talking points are really not healthy.. might want to check for real facts. Our economy was actually quite good under Bush, especially considering the hit we took from 9/11 and the dot-com meltdown. if not for the social engineering and pseudo-socialistic tinkering by folks like Barney Frank, we wouldn't be in the current mess. And Pres. Obama is making things worse because the goal is not to create jobs or save the economy, it is a long-term strategy of transformation (they have said so repeatedly)... but transformation to what?

Wait a minute. Obama was elected because he perceived the problems and told us he knew how to correct them. Instead, he and his supporters continue to whine and blame at the same time adopt the very same policies he criticized to get elected. It is amazing how increasingly prominent the dependency thought process that has driven millions onto welfare rolls is now seeping into the average American work ethic and is being heavily promoted by the MSM.
Our Dear Leader's supporters' creedo: "Its not my fault, so I don't have to work" and "They owe me, so I have no responsibility".
And of course, "Allahu Akbar!'.

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