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May 22, 2009


To all of the many, many patriots here, it's time to please stand up and make your voices HEARD, in every venue in the land. I am going to stand up in church this Sunday and speak, and I am going to ask everyone in church to stand up and speak to everyone they know. Then I am going to visit other churches, and stand up and speak.
We DO have a voice.
We're just not using it.
Don't just sit there and listen this Sunday. Stand up and speak. (No teleprompter needed).
You CAN do it.
PLEASE stand up for God, and stand up for America.
This is an E mail below that I just sent out to everyone I know, all over the country.

First this short video: http://marcorubio.com/

This video is incredible.
I wish he was our president.
That is how a United States president should speak.
We have got to get rid of this muslim usurper, worthless to his very core, and it is becoming more and more evident that he is not even an American citizen, and he is simply intent on destroying our American republic.
If he didn't have to something to hide, after all, why would he spend over a million dollars so far to keep his documents hidden and sealed away??!
That's simply not even common sense.....

A lot of reading, but this man makes it very clear, if you'd like - http://nobarack08.wordpress.com/

Hope you're all doing well.
God loves you.

All very well said. However, I have the gut feeling that all of us who see the truth count for naught. America is on a deep Obamaniacal kool-aid binge and is just hoping the Big Man and his Congressional Henchmen provide lots of freebies (since the Republicans robbed them of their retirement accounts). Most of those who voted for Obama even think that he'll waive his magic wand and say the magic words and health care will be "free." Worse, where is our 21st-century Ronald Reagan with the words and vision to slay this dragon of socialism and un-freedom? We're doomed.

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