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May 11, 2009


The infighting on this will be interesting. House Democrats have heard from constituents that the voters don't really like the idea of bringing in more trained killers to their districts. Since Democrats control so much of the political landscape, there aren't too many places to put prisoners that are controlled by Republicans. Accordingly, Obama is getting significant pressure to keep the base open.

Guantanamo may become the President's least worst problem though. This morning's deficit number should be causing much more concern. With a much larger than expected deficit, Obama has to borrow or print additional money to cover government costs. It never occurs to Democrats to cut spending. (the $17B cut is a joke as part of a multi trillion dollar budget)

Still...conservatives should take heart. Democrats always foul things up so badly that voters will invest the time to learn why. Conservatives usually follow up Democrat ruling periods with huge wins.

For a list of reasons why conservatives should be optimistic, you can hit:

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