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April 23, 2009


Michelle has a great way of putting things in the right perspective. A totally true perspective, by the way.

On the Miss USA Paegent, the questions at the end of the competition are SUPPOSED TO BE FLUFF QUESTIONS, and are not meant to have a candidate divulge personal values at all. Perez Hilton was way out of line in EVEN ASKING that sort of a question to Carrie Preajean. I KNOW this for a fact as I was (a very long time ago) a contestant for Miss USA and made the final top three, and had to answer that same kind of question. We were told what KIND of questions the judges could ask us and that there would be NOTHING EMBARASSING or CONTROVERSIAL PERMITTED, and Hilton broke the rules of the Judges Panel when he specifically put that question to ANY CONTESTANT. And he did it ON PURPOSE.

On to the rest of the article, who do these people think they are, to condemn and make ordinary US Citizens into criminals and sickos when most of htem are out protesting and raising hell on any number of issues, and they allow NO COMMENT for the things that they have done that are illegal and against all laws that are held even through God, such as Thou Shalt NOT KILL, which Bernadine Dhorn and Bill Ayers mosat certainly did, yet they paid no price at all for their involvement. As far as Jeanene Garifolo and her OPEN MOUTH and nasty commenets, well, I NEVER THOUGHT THAT SHE SHOULD EVEN BE ENTITLED TO OPEN HER MOUTH, much less be heard. SHE IS A NOTHING, with a worse than nothing opinion. If I could I would institute a boycott of her and all others like her.

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