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April 21, 2009


everything you are stating is true and conscise. One of the primary ways he is accomplishing these many things is by proliferating confusion, mayhem and indecision based on the many things that one can attack as being out of the realm of what a Proud American President would do. How do we get him out of office, we concentrate on one item only, that one item being number ONE on your list. We use everything he has already told us and shown us as PROOF POSITIVE based on them being words from his owm exalted mouth, and we fight with everything that is inside all of us to make him taken oout of office. It is NOW OR NEVER, FOLKS.... We do it or we watch as our America PERISHES.....

In the first paragraph, you mentioned Obama threw away 10 trillion dollars. This is not true at all in fact President George W. Bush came into the presidency position with no debt thanks to President Bill Clinton and Bush then sent the U.S. military into Afghanistan and Iraq costing the U.S. trillions and putting us into that much debt. Obama then came into presidency and realized that the only real way to gain back money is to spend a little and make an investment. The Republicans then constantly reprimand for wanting to spend money and allow nothing through Congress. Why hate Obama when you don't know the real facts?

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