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April 11, 2009


Boy, I can cure see myself moving to Canada!!!! Rather there where a man is a man and his word to protect the nation is his WORD, no matter what. How many of you would like to come with me? I much better like their attitude than that of Obama's.

I'm with Claudia!! Don't agree with him??? Hell, he's right. Obama IS a coward and an embarrassment to the entire country. Are you packed yet, Claudia?? I'm dragging out my suitcases.

Unfortunately, this Canadian is right! The bleeding heart sissies of this country managed to steal the election and put in one of their own. Now the world has to pay the price for his ineptitude!

All these years America has had to carry the burden of being the "parent" in the world and keep the "kids" from ruining everything. Now we have a so-called president running around the world bowing and apologizing to every one. Heaven only knows where this will lead. We do know, that in a world full of power-hungry killers, it can't be good!

But, once Obama manages to make Mexico, America, and Canada all one country (under him) we can all share in our misery together! Take heart oh Canada, you too can have "change".

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