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March 27, 2009


Gina, with the way things have been going since Obamination Day nothing surprises me any longer. They'd probably do the same with Usama if they ever catch him. This is just pathetic!!

I just can't believe what is coming out of OUR WHITE HOUSE in such torrents EACH AND EVERY DAY, something new and more disguisting than what was issued the day before. Now, they want us to turn over our dollars to "help" these terrorists who were implicitly involved in killing Americans, either here in our own country or abroad, as in Iraq or Afghanistan, through terrorism anda car-bombings and such, NO I WILL NOT SUPPORT THEM IN OUR OWN COUNTRY. I do not want them to be here, I do not want to support their needs to "get adjusted" into life in America, an America that they HATE with a vehemence that I have never even felt towards anyone, until NOW and this Usurper of a President that we have, who is trying beyond all measure to totally destroy everything that America is and stands for.

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