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March 06, 2009


It is pure and simple SYSTEMATIC MALICE..... he is going to totally turn everyone who might be able to help in any disaster or war so totally against us that we will be standing alone and against 3 BILLION muslims. With no one to say, "here is a hand, grab on".... only there will be NO USA to grab on too like the English and French and many other empathetic peoples/countries have done so many times in the past.

Obama is a con artist. He has a narcissistic personality disorder. He is a sociopath.

When it comes to the economy he has no education or experience in business, economics, or finances. I mean, he's the President of the united States and he thinks p/e is "the profits earning ratio".

Doesn't that alone make you want to slam your head against a wall? How could someone so fundamentally ignorant be making decisions that will change this country for fifty years?

So yes, he is ignorant. But he has also been living in a world of far left dogmatists since he was born. There is a straight line that he has explained that brings him to his belief that the quickest way to be adored by millions is to appeal to their wish to be taken care of.

His Ignorance is no surprise. His propensity for proving it is.

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