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March 11, 2009


Frankly I'm kinda disappointed. I wouldn't give Obama an A, but I think he deserves more than just 58% thinking he deserves an F. He isn't doing a bad job, anyway. And at least he's doing something unlike certain other politicians who just sit there and reject everything that comes their way. Then again, I've noticed that there's more Republicans online than Democrats, so that could contribute to it. FYI, when I voted, the people who graded him an F is already up to 60%.

Using pie in the sky forecasts for growth in 2009 and beyond, raising taxes starting in 2011, spending our money like a drunk, trying to establish a health care program when the government has medicare in dire straights and hasn't taken action to correct it or social security for 20+ years even though they knew both of them were in deep trouble, closing Gitmo, signing a budget that contains approximately 7 billion dollars of earmarks (this budget is his and the democratic congress because he signed it and President Bush is long gone), continuing bailouts of financial institutions that should never have received a penny of taxpayer money, recommending a 2.9% pay raise for the military (who risk their lives for this country) for 2010 after allowing a 10% pay raise this year(in the budget)for greedy, arrogant, self-serving U.S Senators and Representatives, and contemplating signing a bill that would give unions more power (Note: all this will do is raise inflation and add costs to everything made by a union thereby driving jobs overseas). He deserves worse than an F considering how many promises he has already broken.

Jim Cunningham----You said it all,I would have very little to add to you're comment.

Isn't doing a bad job???!!! Imee, whatever is you've been drinking (probably koolaid) you need to stop. Jim, you hit the nail right on the head. He definitely deserves worse than an "F". I have a new granddaughter and she's already $36,000 in debt.

Here's one more item I will definitely give him a "F" for,on Fox news today Obama was talking as usual,and is giving Congress the signal that he is in favor of a new tax on Health care benefits.And as we know,it won't take much encouragement for this Congress to implement a new tax.

Well, since March 10th, the tables have turned...today, March 30th, the MSNBC site says this:
If you were grading Barack Obama on his performance as president, what would he get? * 1111326 responses

He gets an A 47%

He gets a B 8.5%

He gets a C 3.9%

He gets a D 9.3%

He gets an F 31%

I have been emailing every conservative I know to change this scale. When I started on Friday - Obama had an A at 52% and an F at 28%. We are making progress, but we have a lot of catching up to do. Go through your emails and send the link to every conservative you know. Let's get out and vote.

Presdent Obama has done more in 100 days than most Presdents have done in first term.


If he hadn't gone back and changed so many answers, he may have had a low C. But now, its a D-.

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