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March 19, 2009


Chris Dodd first claimed someone changed his bill. Then he said he was told by the administration to add the provision allowing the bonuses. Turbo Tax Tim says he just found out about it. Obama claims he didn't either despite having signed the "Stimulus" bill. Remember him saying he'd go through all the bills "line by line". They're ALL liars!
Moreover, the whole AIG bonus outrage is nothing more than a smoke screen. A distraction to draw attention away from all the other sleazy moves they were making. (Like printing 1.15 TRILLION dollars and hoping no one would notice)
I was born when Truman was President. I thought no one could possibly be sleazier that Bill (Slick Willie) Clinton. Well, at least Clinton wasn't trying to destroy our country. He wasn't malevolent. Obama is the sleaziest, most corrupt, least qualified, most incompetent President (usurper) in the history of this country.

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