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March 03, 2009


The posat above mine that is saying it was US and ONLY US that are doing all those things wasn't by me. I don't know who it might have been by or who wrote it, but I certainly didn't...

I think that the article you put up is very good and SPOT ON about what Obama and Holder are doing and I am ashamed that they are being so stupid as to let those men roam around the world or our nation without being able to track them. I would IF I COULD, put every one of them in a cement hole in the ground to live their days out, or put them all in front of a firing squad. But that is jsut my way of ealing with terrorists, I would not let them out and I abhore that Obama is NOT doing the right thing, as it emboldens those terrorist to do worse and worse, until they get caught, again.

thank you.....

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