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February 04, 2009


Thank you so much for this story...a gret way to start my day!!!

I was, for about three years, a Coach for the Special Olympics Downhill Ski Team in Northern Nevada. I dealt with Autistics and Asperger's Syndrome young adults. Autistics who can get into athletics with any degree of proficiency do far outpace other, regular young adults, who just get into those sports for the fun or the money-making considerations, because their hearts are in those sports totally.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with and beside them and they stretched my learning, and my skiing abilities at the time. I was on a Disability thing because of OsteoArthritis from skiin accidents and other sports related problems, and they made (by chiding in their innocent way) me get out there and ski with them, which made me more able to deal with my own problems.

All in all they were and still are a joy, as I still keep in touch with a few of these involved.

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