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February 24, 2009


Way to throw away a career. This is a non-issue. It's actually laughable that you conservative loons are jumping all over yourselves in such a farcical pursuit! I appreciate his service, but his protestations are foolish.

Keep wasting your time, while we fix the country YOU BROKE.
{From DR -- Dear Fred Evil. As I have noted before, this website is dedicated to intelligent discourse. Your comment does not fit that category. In your future comments, please provide evidence to support your statements.

Empty invective is not very interesting. Pro Patria}

This guy should not be in the military, he should be in an insane asylum.
{From DR -- Why?}

He should be up on charges of treason !!

I have sent all of this information to the Department of Defense. Anyone else that is interested in doing the same here you go:


{From DR -- Dear Jean.

Thanks for this link. Everyone should feel free to use it. Respectful and reasoned argument works best.

By the way, Jean, while you're at it, you might like to Google "kill Bush". The last time I checked, there were 65,700 search results for that phrase. You might want to bring it to the attention of the Secret Service.

Pro Patria}

I love how all of a sudden Republicans 'care about the Constitution'. You sure as he11 didn't when GW was on office. Moron.

{From DR-- Dear Matt. This is an unhelpful comment.

Pro Patria}

It is illegal for commissioned officers to make statements against the Commander in Chief. The military justice system must land on this guy with both feet to uphold discipline and order.

{From DR -- Dear Eric.
Well, lets' see how this unfolds. Another soldier has stood up since yesterday, and we can expect many more to follow, now that the flood gates are open.

Soldiers are oath-holders -- they have sworn to defend the Constitution, not Obama. In my opinion, Obama is not eligible. Please feel free to search within Gina Cobb for my many postings on this issue. I have cited a substantial amount of documented evidence that Obama is not eligible .

If Obama is not eligible, he is in clear violation of the Constitution. He is an impostor. Soldiers and all other oath-holders are required by their oath to remove an impostor from the White House. By force, if necessary.

If any soldier is subjected to a court-martial over this, they may have the right to demand evidence that Obama is eligible to be President. Obama is not eligible. If he was, he would have proved it by now.

Therefore, I do not think anyone will be subjected to a court-martial for challenging Obama's eligibility.

Pro Patria}

Jean, "He should be up on charges of treason !!" He's defending his Oath to Defend the Constitution of the United States. What is the Treason?

Greg Bartlett, "This guy should not be in the military, he should be in an insane asylum." Stupidest Asinine Comment with no logic. Why should this soldier be in an "insane asylum?" The Constitution is above any order that a Commander Officer gives you. You cannot be Court Martial if you're defending your Oath. I know plenty that have Defended their Oath and not get Court Martial by their Superior Officers.

Fred Evil. "Way to throw away a career. This is a non-issue. It's actually laughable that you conservative loons are jumping all over yourselves in such a farcical pursuit! I appreciate his service, but his protestations are foolish.

Keep wasting your time, while we fix the country YOU BROKE."

This is not a Conservative, Liberal Issue. This is about the Constitution "for" the United States. The Country has been "BROKE" since 1913. McCain is by Definition is ineligible as well. And you cannot fix the country that has hit the Iceberg already. You're going to see Hyper-Inflation of the dollar and massive lost of jobs. Us "Paultards" Conspiracy Theorist predicted The Bubble Bursting and the DJIA crashing 5000 points in the last 8 months!

Don't blame me, I voted for Ron Paul.

{From DR -- Dear Charlie. Thank you for your comments. I don't agree with everything you say, but I certainly support your position that no one political group "owns" the Constitution.

This is the Constitutional crisis that many authorities have warned about since before the election. Electing an impostor has very serious consequences. One major consequence is dissension within the military. They have the power and the authority to remove Obama from the White House, and they may do it at any time, from this day forward.

We stand under the Sword of Damocles.

In my opinion, no one will be subjected to a court-martial for challenging Obama's eligibility. Any defendant may be able to require Obama to produce proof of his eligibility to be Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.

Therefore I think Obama will block any charges brought against these soldiers. However, any effort to block the charges may increase military dissent, because Obama would be implicitly admitting the dissenters are correct.

Pro Patria}

John Mccain was born at Coco Solo naval air station which was a US naval base and there for United States Soil. John Mccain is a Naturalized citizen being born on US soil to an american military member stationed overseas.

If John McCain had been elected President, it might be worthwhile to demand his documents. But John McCain wasn't elected. Barack Obama was. Therefore we make our demands of Obama, and not of McCain.

George Bush was a BAD president. But he was not an ILLEGAL president. There's a difference between poor performance and constitutional eligibility, and thus a different response is warranted.

It's good to see that there is at least ONE military officer who didn't just say the words to get a paying job and a chance at federal retirement benefits. Good man, Lt. Easterling! I hope you survive whatever dirty duties your superiors cook up for you in order to get you killed.

This gentleman makes me sad. Perception is everything. Mr. Obama could not have held office in Senate if that was the case. If this was such a problem I do not think they would even consider giving the Governator a chance at the White House. Somebody please tell Mr. Easterling that reality isn't as bad as he may think it is.

{From DR -- Dear P.E.L.
I'm sorry to hear that you are sad. However, take heart! Lt. Easterling is a very brave man, and he deserves our support. So do all the other loyal Americans who have spoken, and will speak up about this situation.

They may differ from you because they take the Constitution very seriously.

Here are some points to ponder:

(1) "Mr. Obama could not have held office in Senate if that was the case."
--- You have a good point. A member of the Senate does not have to be a Natural Born Citizen. However, they must at least be a US citizen.

Given that Obama became an Indonesian citizen when he moved there, and was adopted by his step-father, he may not actually be a US citizen. No record can be found that indicates he ever reclaimed US citizenship.

This may mean that Obama's tenure as an Illinois Senator, and as a US Senator, will also have to be stricken from the record.

(2) "If this was such a problem I do not think they would even consider giving the Governator a chance at the White House."
-- Obama slipped through the cracks. The DNC approved him without vetting him. Many states, like Arizona, only require a sworn statement from the candidate that he/she is eligible.

Other states put Obama on the ballot without any vetting whatsoever. Many US states also put a Nicaraguan communist with a green card on the ballot.

Since the beginning, the US has never knowingly permitted an ineligible candidate to take office as President.

(3) "Somebody please tell Mr. Easterling that reality isn't as bad as he may think it is."
--- I might reply with, 'somebody please tell commenter P.E.L. that we are in the midst of a clear and present danger, and it does no good to deny it.'

Pro Patria}

This guy should charged with treason. He is obvious a G.W. Bush Moron.
{From DR -- Dear c. ferguson.

Thank you for showing us, once again, the type of mentality which got Obama elected. It is absolutely breathtaking how many people like you populate America.

It's not America's fault that half the population are of below average intelligence. Every country is like this.

More than anything else, the weakness of the center-right lies in our inability to communicate with people who have little or no political knowledge. It is easy to reason with people who are reasonable. But they are in the minority. For the rest, we must find new ways to communicate.

Their ignorance is our problem, not theirs. Until we solve this, we will always struggle for power.

Pro Patria}

Pro Patria,

You advocate removing Obama, "by force, if necessary." That sounds like you are inciting the military to remove Obama from the White House. That is treason. This is a very dangerous game you are playing.....It is one thing to opine about legal matters, another thing entirely to incite a forcible removal of Obama from power.....

You have crossed the line....


{From DR -- Dear MKS. My handle is DemocracyRules, not Pro Patria.

Many commenters do not read postings before submitting comments. I see that you have made that mistake.

Feel free to read my posting as many times as you need to, to understand it. Some points:

(1) I did not advocate removing Obama, "by force, if necessary." You are committing defamation, by deliberately falsifying the meaning of my posting. My point was purely technical, regarding the rights and responsibilities of the US military.

(2) "That sounds like you are inciting the military to remove Obama from the White House." Again, this is defamation. I cannot control what delusions persist in your mind. But certainly I did not, and do not, intend to incite the military to do anything illegal.

(3) I warn you not to make defamatory statements toward me or anyone else on this website.

(4) Are you an oath-holder? That is, have you ever sworn a statement to defend and protect the US Constitution? If so, advocating that an impostor should remain in the White House may violate your oath.

(5) Turnabout is fair play. I should warn you that it is inappropriate to advocate any kind of violent resistance against the lawful removal of an impostor from power.

(6) Perhaps, you will join me in trying to avoid having ordinary Americans be prosecuted for standing up for the Constitution. I invite you to join the peaceful effort to require Obama to prove his eligibility. Obama could resolve this issue at any time.

Pro Patria}

OBAMA HAS NOT BEEN VETTED BY ANYONE, the American people were fed the lies that He promoted and no one, not the press, not the FED, the FEC, the SCOTUS, ON ONE vetted him in any way.

Everyone took everyone else's word for the fact that he was qualified and relied on words, JUST WORDS, put out by Obama himself.

GET A CLUE and start to wake up.... you are acting like there is no other thing, no other way to do anything than the prescribed way. Look at who owns the sites he used to prove his Vetted having been done.... they are sites that he has had long standing interest in.

Someone has to open the question, someone has to have the balls to ask for the proof, because he is counting that no one will, and thereby is the way that our whole COUNTRY will be made a sham of.

America will cease to be a Nation of the Constitution that our Forefathers penned and we have grown from. America will cease as a right of freedom, IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT???

Someone has to ask the questions and force the answers or we as a Nation of Laws and Freedom by the Real Republic of out Declaration of Independence will be forever gone from the face of the earth.

It has only taken 232 years for the Communists to destroy the US, if no one asks the questions and forces the answers. And that destruction is coming from WITHIN our own country, from enemies of our Constitution. From people just like you and millions of others who all want a "free ride", and for others to pay the way for a freedom that is being taken away from us daily by a person who is determined to totally dismantle everything that has made this Country GREAT and OUTSTANDING and the envy of every person in countries all over the world who are truly OPPRESSED.

Look at the reality, PLEASE. Right now our Country is totally bankrupt and he is still spending.....

I suggest you read further on Mr. Donofrio's site (and others such as PolitiJab.comm) for exactly why Lt. Easterling has already committed a Court Martial offense.

{From DR -- Dear Dr. Conspiracy. Thank you for your comment. Yes, it is possible that Lt. Easterling may be subject to military discipline.


(1) I doubt he will be. In his defense, he may be able to subpoena Obama's proof of eligibility. In my opinion, Obama is not eligible. Therefore, Obama may block any efforts to prosecute Lt. Easterling.

(2) Of course, if Lt. Easterling were to win his case, Obama will have to leave the White House.

(3) Mr. Donofrio has many good points on this matter. Great care has to be used to prevent excessive legal liability.

(4) Ultimately the decisions are being made by the members of the military themselves. We cannot control what they do.

(5) I do not encourage law-breaking of any kind, but I strongly support these soldier's brave and loyal actions. I expect many more actions like this.

(6) I expect we have drawn a flood of commentary, because Obama's people know very well that the military is Obama's Achilles heel.

(7) If Obama charges these soldiers, he will probably lose. But if he does not charge them, we will all know he is ineligible.

Pro Patria}

Easterling hasn't committed treason, but he has violated Article 88 of the UCMJ which forbids commissioned officers from using contemptuous language against their Chain of Command (yes, the President is Easterling's Commander in Chief). Argueing the legitimaacy of a seated president is outside the scope of a military court. It is doubtful that a courts martial will even allow that to be introduced.

That being said, I suspect Easterling will be simply be reprimanded, which will effectively end his career while letting him serve out his time. As for if he has standing to sue Obama through the civilian court system, I have my doubts, but I guess we will see.

First Taitz is going to have to actually file the lawsuit.

To address the above post:

3) Taitz has not displayed great care with her client, 1LT Easterling. In fact, with careless disregard, by releasing his letter (which was totally un-necessary) she has subjected him to legal jeopardy with his chain of command.

6) Banana republics and tin-pot dictators have political militaries. We do not, and anyone that loves this country shouldn't want it any other way. The military serves under Obama. They aren't his "achilles heel" any more than they were for the past two presidents.

7) Obama is not going to charge Easterling with anything. The DOD/Army will (if they choose to pursue him over the matter, which I think they should). Easterling could have entered into the suit without violating the UCMJ. Officers are supposed to display a degree of restraint and decorum that Easterling obviously lacks.

And yes, I was an officer and am a combat veteran.

"Way to throw away a career. This is a non-issue. It's actually laughable that you conservative loons are jumping all over yourselves in such a farcical pursuit! I appreciate his service, but his protestations are foolish.

Keep wasting your time, while we fix the country YOU BROKE."

People who attack the individual(s) versus the content or merit of the claim are easily marginalized.

Easterling has a valid concern over the origin of the authority he is ordered to follow. For the bloggers here who do not recognize that, obviously believe the Constitution is relative and not absolute.

Obama could EASILY lay this to rest by just producing a copy of his birth certificate which he has not. He's produced a record copy from Hawaii but it's not the birth certificate showing location of birth.

It also COINCIDENTALLY I'm sure, has the SAME date on it as the example form posted on Hawaii's records website. Hmmm.

I have mine and can easily get a copy of it if I need to. I'm sure he can too. Why would someone need to hire a TEAM of lawyers to prevent access to his birth certificate unless they had something to hide?

He's either qualified to hold office or he isn't. We don't suspend the Constitution based on popularity.

Old Grunt,

"Contemptuous" is quite subjective, I doubt they could successfully do anything under that. Since you were an officer (as was I, retiring after 25 years of service), you should WELL know Easterling swears an oath to the Constitution of the United States. Asking a very valid question to protect that Constitution is not only proper, but required.

POTUS must be qualified under the Constitution to hold office. If he is not, he is also not qualified to sit as Commander-in-Chief which would render him NOT in authority to command the armed forces and issue executive orders.

The fact he was popularly elected has no bearing on the ISSUE at hand. Suppose we were to elect an obvious foreign-born citizen based on popularity. Would you argue the Constitution doesn't apply and allow them to take office?

Popularity aside, I am a Constitutionalist and side with protecting the Constitution and abiding by it regardless of who is elected to the office.

This man, Scott Easterling is a true patriot for the Republic of the United States. I for one, believe Scott has more love for his country than all the politicians rolled up in one. I stand with him. I too love this country, America the beautiful and yes, we have problems, but we have been the richest, fastest growing economical, world power in the history of the world. We have been blessed as a nation unimaginable to any other country in history because of the our forefathers having concieved out of blood and guts, the Constitution of the United States of America in which we put God at the helm. With this structure being distroyed, starting with the breaking down of the Constitution, and a president in office who cannot and/or will not publically display his birth records, we will get what we deserve. It is going to get tougher and tougher for an individual to take a stand and little by little we will see our rights, our money and yes, our God taken away from us. What then, a revolution? One day, as a nation, we will look back with regret for not standing with this officer and not askng the same questions he asks. This man, Lt. Scott Easterling is my hero, I dare to say he would make a great nomination in our next Presidential Election and he has my vote!

Good Luck Scott.

The Oath of Office (for officers):

"I, _____ (SSAN), having been appointed an officer in the Army of the United States, as indicated above in the grade of _____ do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance tot he same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservations or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which I am about to enter; So help me God."

Above is the oath that he took. End of discussion....

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