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February 13, 2009


It's getting around:

Muslim leader in Buffalo loses his mind, wife loses her head

Hi Gina,

People are starting to pass around our Story of Buffalo beheading has no legs article to tell the surprisingly (well, maybe not surprisingly) huge majority of the public that is not aware of this story, and have them report back on what their local media did or did not do with it. Thanks.

You sound as if this is a bad thing. Don't be ridiculous. Pelosi, Reid, Waxman and Hillary are very proud of this event. These are people who have long been oppressed by Christian white male dominated society and this one act shows that christian white male dominated societal oppression is quickly being stamped out.
Thank god these people are standing up to the ages of white anglo european domination that has brought so much evil, like civil rights, racial equality, free speech and association, commerce and women's rights!! Out with these old oppressive ideas!
Can you imagine how proud this man's wife must have been when she felt the sharp edge to her neck that she was not being dominated and oppressed by the evil of white/anglo/european/christian. Yes, in her death, Nancy Pelosi, Waxman,Reid, Hillary and Obama must feel a tremendous sense of pride and accomplishment that Change is indeed happening in their America. Allah bless the Dear Leader Obama.

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