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February 07, 2009


deliberately, methodically, with purpose and malice of forethought and with the total end game in sight, he is running at warp speed to thoroughly destroy America as we know it, and he wants the job done within the first hundred days of his tenure, so that he can go play with the rich and famous that have paid for his audacity and deceit.

A Must Read: http://www.spectator.co.uk/melaniephillips/3332636/america-what-have-you-done.thtml

Gina, thought you might enjoy this. i just posted it at the link above

You chaps haven't a clue whats all going on here in the U.S. We have 8 states as of friday that have introduced legeslation and ask for sovereignty under the 10th and 14th admendments from the Federalist Socialistic Communist Goverment that is in control of the half black, half white, Whitehouse. There in lies the problem with the Big O, he has an identity crisis all the while trying to mind the gap of all the other crisis.

The states are, Arizona
(no sure-prize there, John McCain) Washington, New Hampshire,Michigan,Missouri,Oklahoma, Montana and here's the sure-prize, Hawaii, the place that has his original Vault Birth Certificate, the place where he claims he was born. Whats that you say, claims.

Allow me to explain I say.

You see there have been over 40 lawsuits at the Federal level with five cases making it all the way to the HIGH COURT( Michael Phepls to be appointed next justice) of the land. They went no where because of a legal term called standing. Now it is assumed, that the only persons that have standing is one who wears the uniform with a patch of the American Flag sewn on it's RIGHT shoulder sleve. There are two retired colonels, a major, and now a retired Brigader General who want a look at that certificate.

The latest case is Retired Colonel Gregory S. Hollister, look it up if you think this is a scam.

I leave you with this. If Hawaii verified that they in fact have the original, and all of these blokes are suing to see it, then why is the big O fighting all of these lawsuits instead of telling Hawaii to Release The Certificate. Transperency we can believe in.

And lastly the one who is leading the charge is a former citizen of the former Federalist Socialist Communistic espy ally dough shist Russia. Dr. Orly Taitz. http://defendourfreedoms.us/

You have a very nice blog with great postings.

I plan to quote your comments in some of my postings.

With best wishes,


“Mr. Conservative”

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