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February 04, 2009


would it were that Obama would wake up....

Cheney is continuing his fear-mongering for control...those who buy into it live a sad life of fear and hate...EXACTLY what he wants....Come on, whenever his views are unpopular and he is backed into a corner, he comes out lying
On the Iraq war - confronted with the reaction to the US invading a sovereign nation "we will be greeted with cheers and flowers"; Confronted about no WMDs. "Saddam and Al Qaeda are working together". NOW it is the continuation - MORE OF THE SAME...Anything to try to get the American people to forget the war crimes he has committed and try to force us into accepting the horrors and criminal behavior. Anything to get the people freaked out and perpetuate the hate against those who are not WASPS...Cheney could use with a good dose of reality in the way of indictment.
He is a sad statement of what our country had become but is even a sadder statement of what our MSM has become

hey Cosmic Surfer,
YOU could use a huge dose of reality and a check into a more honor bound life style.

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