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February 20, 2009


Mr. Bill Clinton forced US banks to lend over 8 BILLION DOLLARS in "community reinvestment [or minority] loans," which could never be repaid. The unsecured or bad debt would wend its way into financial institutions all over the globe. Mr. Clinton boasts vociferously this Robin Hood like feat in his autobiography. To understand how dear 8 BILLION DOLLARS truly is (billion: 1000 millions), ask the man on the street for 5 DOLLARS. He's too busy paying back the 8 BILLION. Good money after bad. There’s even been talk of creating a “bad bank” to buy back the troubled assets. Or we could just nationalize the banks.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton tells North Korea that if Pyongyang plays its cards right, they too can have an economy like ours. No worries, it’s just the “bubble” passing from the stock market, into real estate, into government. Should the Clinton’s portfolios tank, heaven forbid, well, what are friends for? Now if someone did want to destabilize the economy, he or she might attack a financial hub, such as the World Trade Center. Oh, wait ... or launch a war to bleed the country white. Or, how about tossing an additional 80 BILLION DOLLARS down yet more Politically Correct rat holes. Do I sound cynical? Well maybe I am: http://theseedsof9-11.com

The test of character is not ‘hanging in’ when you expect light at the end of the tunnel, but performance of duty, and persistence of example when you know no light is coming. –Vice Admiral James Stockdale, USN (ret.)

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