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January 28, 2009


This was released yesterday
After 34 years another hoax goes down in the history books
Doc’s confession: We made up ‘cello scrotum’

What people fail to realize is this Repeat a lie with force and repetition and the lie becomes known as truth. They have been pounding away with doom and gloom for so long that naturally you believe.

If you were to take a child and tell (him or her) They're stupid everyday, that child will grow up thinking I'm stupid. It's as simple as that.

However the real problem becomes reversing it. I have debates daily on Global Warming and just like an Obot says factcheck.org has BO cert. The Global warming Idiots say read Inconvenient Truth.

Here are a few other myths or hoaxes:

“Piltdown Man”, greatest hoax ever – The fossils were a mish-mash of old bones

“The Gay Gene” - even though it was in 4 major magazines

“The Flat Earth” - people believed the earth was flat, even though Greeks in ancient Alexandria proved it was round and accurately calculated the circumference.

“Magellan Circumnavigated the world” – He died en route. Sir Francis Drake was the first to make it back alive.

“Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone” - Some claim he got the idea for the microphone from someone else.

“Edison invented the light bulb” - He didn’t. He invented one that was practical and could be mass produced.

“Columbus proved the earth was round” – He promoted that idea in Europe, but he badly miscalculated the circumference. He never made it to the orient.

“Cold Fusion” – The inventors claimed to have prove a nuclear reactor could be made that would run at room temperature. They were wrong.

"Peak Oil" - The world was supposed to run out of oil in 1992.

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