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January 24, 2009


take your meds

{From DR -- Read the evidence.}

DR - Thank you for your comments. The thing is - The Free Republic blog had a lengthy article in which it was stated that the FBI and CIA know all about Obama's citizenship situation. What was not explained, however, is why these agencies are choosing to ignore the issue. Can you offer an opinion on this? There was an enormous amount of information in this article that I had never seen anywhere else regarding Obama's mother's and grandparents' background. I keep wondering how many people are aware of all this information. It's mindboggling.


{From DR -- Here's my explanation: (1) Obama's victory is truly stunning. Racist thinking about blacks is still prevalent in America. Of course all humans tend towards racism, and white Americans are among the least racist people in the world. But it's still amazing, and wonderful that America voted in a black president. It's very hard to let go of that dream.

(2) Most people don't care about the legal details, and the MSM is trying to keep them ignorant. (3) Most people have heard of the Constitution, but they have no idea what's in it. If you corner them and explain, it seems to them that you're picking at details.

(4) In life and in politics, most people just go along with things the way they are, and try to adjust. In Germany the Nazi's took over because most people couldn't be bothered to resist. They were tired of war and hunger and economic problems and they just wanted to have normal lives. Hitler seemed like the best option.

(5) The bottom line is that right now only a small percentage of Americans see a "clear and present danger". Until they do, they will not become involved.

(6) That's our job, to spread the idea that America is in fact confronting a clear and present danger, right here, right now. We have to spread the word, no one else will do it for us.

Pro Patria}

Excellent analysis, DR. I do believeyou are correct - we are being hoodwinked!

I feel like a large part of the reason why no one is taking enough action here is because of the color of Obama's skin. No one will admit it of course...but who wants to be the person who de-thrones the first black president? Can you imagine the outrage from some members of the black community?

Personally, I think that risk is well worth it. Too bad not enough people are with me.

~T the D

What can Americans do to have the impostor Obama removed from office?

Removing Obama would be unprecedented. Would it result in a nullification of the election, having Biden take office, declaring McCain the winner since he ran unopposed by an eligible candidate, or would we need a new special election to select the President?

The social ramifications of removing Obama don't frighten me, but I'd imagine it may spark extreme civil unrest in the black community.


{From DR -- Thanks for your comment.

(1) "What can Americans do to have the impostor Obama removed from office?" Massive civil disobedience. There are many peaceful ways to do this, but it will take millions of determined dissenters to make it work.

Most radicals believe people are sheep who can be easily manipulated, frightened, and controlled. Hitler thought this about his countrymen, and so did Lenin.

But is it true about Americans, in the year 2009? No one knows, but I have a feeling we are going to find out.

(2) "Removing Obama would be unprecedented."

Americans are weird the way they believe this, it's not true at all. In about one-half of all US presidencies, some 'unprecedented' disaster happens. Kennedy was shot and killed. Johnson was forced out after one term. Nixon had to resign. Ford was almost assassinated, and was forced out of power.

Carter barely finished one term, having perpetrated such a litany of humiliating failures that he should have left office by the back door. Reagan was shot and almost died.

Clinton committed perjury on a nationwide television address, and was impeached by the House. He avoided impeachment in the Senate by getting "smash mouth" Rahm Emanuel to perpetrate every dirty trick in the book against Clinton's Senate opponents.

I tell you, throwing a President out on his ear is perfectly normal.

(3) Once Obama is physically out of the White House, Biden can take over until a new election is held. There is nothing weird or strange about having a special election. This is the first time for a President, but Americans have a lot of special elections.

(4) One thing Obama proved is American Blacks are now fully part of the American body politic.

They are enfranchised politically and economically. They are better off than ever before, by a large margin, and they have a big stake in the American dream. Most Blacks don't live in ghettos, and they are getting better and better jobs.

If Obama is booted out, most Blacks will not run around in their suburban neighborhoods rioting. That's leftist fear-mongering.

Leftists have this fundamentally racist view that all Blacks are stupid, half-crazed, viscous animals, who need the constant care and protection of White social workers.

If you look at who has fomented rioting in the USA in the last 20 years, about 95% of it has been done by extreme left-wing, young, white, American men.

Pro Patria}

"The legal actions against him are increasing in number, and the legal arguments they make are becoming stronger, more precise, and more persuasive."

Which explains why the courts keep dismissing them.

Oh, that right - there's a conspiracy involving everyone but a few brave souls who just know that they're right, and that they alone know President Obama is a fraud.

Dream on, wackos.


{From DR -- Dear Tracy. I'm sorry, I never dream about Obama.

But I do read quite a bit. As a scientist, I like to keep up with things, and I'm very interested in truth.

I hope you will read more about this issue. There's a large volume of objective evidence now publicly available.

If you read the material with a critical eye and point out where I'm wrong, I would appreciate it.

Pro Patria}

Americans wake up!!!

Hussein Obama is a dangerous person. Read this article on his agenda to control Talk Shows and media in general. That is a step towards communist regime.

Further, I suggest you watch> http://br.youtube.com/watch?v=Xef8EEyhPVU&feature=related

I hope it will dawn on you, since 1983 Thomas Schumann (former KGB agent) is warning Americans of communist threat to democracy and free enterprise.

Hussein Obama is the evil agent.

God bless and save AMERICA.

Obama’s Bill Hands ACORN $5.2 Billion Bailout

read at http://www.newsmax.com/headlines/obama_bailout_bill/2009/01/27/175729.html?s=al&promo_code=78E4-1

"I hope you will read more about this issue. There's a large volume of objective evidence now publicly available."

Believe me, I've read plenty. The 'evidence' you claim to be available? That consists of ill-argued lawsuits that have failed at every turn, attempted analysis of digital images by amateurs, and the insistence that having both parents born in the US is required to be a natural-born citizen.

Just speaking to the last, no court (or for that matter, no reputable scholar or lawyer) agrees with you.

You call yourself a scientist, but you seem guided not by an objective search for the truth, but by some sort of irrational hatred of a skinny black guy with a funny name.


{From DR -- Dear Tracy. You certainly need to read more than that, you have just scratched the surface. I can see that you actually know very little about the topic.

Here’s good place to start. The piece provides compelling evidence that Obama is not a natural born citizen.


Obama is not the President, he is an impostor.

This is an important topic. Think about it.

There are tens of millions of Americans who have sworn an oath to uphold the US Constitution. Every naturalized citizen, everyone who ever served in the military, and many millions more have taken the oath. By now, hundreds of thousands of Americans are sure Obama is not eligible. This number is growing constantly.


NO ONE has sworn an oath of allegiance to Obama.

Upholding the Constitution REQUIRES the removal of an impostor. Any oath-holder at any time can remove Obama from his position. And the ones who remove him will be hailed as heroes.

Of the millions of oath-holders in the US, you are betting that NOT ONE OF THEM will honor their oath. Americans. These are people who disagree about everything all the time. But you are certain that NOT ONE of these Americans will uphold their oath of allegiance, and let an impostor sit as President for 8 years.

Through thick and thin, through the inevitable drop in popularity that happens for all Presidents, through economic hardship and further military conflict. NOT ONE...

Is that what you want for America, to live for the next 8 years under a sword of Damocles? At any time, at any moment, when you least expect it, and probably in the midst of some serious political crisis, that sword could drop.

You are betting that tens of millions of Americans will violate their own oath, so you and your loved ones can live a comfortable life.

No way. No way.}

Gee, Tracy,
I guess that we can lead you to water, but we can't make you see?? Especially if you insist on keeping your eyes and brain TIGHTLY closed.....

{From DR -- Dear Claudia. Yes, but when we engage others, do we strive to win an argument, or change their minds?

Paradoxically, winning the argument is irrelevant, if the person doesn't change their mind. This is the hardest thing to do in discourse, to get people to change their minds.

But painfully, if we fail to convince people like Tracy, then we will all lose.

Pro Patria}

People like Tracy need to **** and just realize their own ****. Excellent quote; "Open your eyes" if you are not willing, then step aside!

We (the educated) have opened our eyes to many truths that you'd believe as fact. Let me guess...

1. you vote? first mistake! Your vote gets torn up...It means nothing!

2.you feel comfortable and rewarded? The wool has been pulled over your eyes.

3. you truly believe your government has your best interest at heart and you watch too much CNN?

Obama wants nothing more than to convert you into a radical belief. He intends to keep this country suppressed and keep filling your head full of ***, just to satisfy the workings of the last 50 years, the workings even since the beginning of time.

[Insult deleted] You thought BUSH was bad! The BUSH FAMILY is extreme EVIL....Obama will lead you straight into a darkness you never thought imaginable...That is if you allow him to!

{From DR-- Dear Chris. Hey, cool it! Do you want to persuade people, or just insult them? What good does it do to pointlessly insult people?

Pro Patria}

Seems we have to insult in order to persuade! 90% of the people in this great country have no-clue at all. Most are brain-washed into believing our government, the religion around us, and the media. All three force stupidity down our throats until we choke. I'm not buying it and neither should you! If I have to slap the stupid out of people in order for them to wake up....I'll gladly participate.
It's time we stand together and fight against this evil empire that we are forced to fund with our hard work, our life savings, our lack of medical coverage, our lack of opportunity, our lack of freedom! I can go on and on.....Wake up people! Our "so called leaders" in DC need to be removed! Huge corporate ideals need to be removed! Our jobs need to return!
And you ask me to "Cool it" We need to get upset in order to fight this..or would you rather stand there and do nothing?

Obama is obviosly as usurper! He needs to be thrown out ! A clear-cut transparent vetting system needs to be in place to vet presidential candidates.

To get him to produce his papers I suggest have a tax revolt!!! - no money from us until Obama produces all his personal documentation.

We have ALL just been completely sold down the river!!

Even though there is massive evidence against Obama, and is building DAILY, from His weird, oppressive, and lying actions, the American media is STILL under his spell, and they are the ones who will really have to expose and dethrone him, and they WON'T! Someone will have to break that spell, and be a strong force, because the media will NOT be cooperative!

He has been suspicious all along, like not saluting the American flag, paying millions to have his COUSIN in KENYA, his birthplace, elected, King Odinga, an AVOWED MUSLIM, who burns down Christian churches, and who also bankrolled Obama to be elected.

It would not surprise me that some kind of SPELL was put on the American people, and the American media especially, to slobber over him and NOT expose ANYTHING negative about him, but try to DESTROY all of his competition, which they did, SO MERCILESSLY, and horrifically. Spells are commonplace with those weirdo third-world countries overseas, who believe in, and practice witchcraft, including Kenya, where he was born.

His white grandmother said Obama was born in Kenya many times, and bragged that she was there to witness his birth in Kenya, but she is now conveniently dead.

Now he gets in office, and tells other nations that the American people are arrogant, spoiled and stupid brats, he and his wife REFUSE to curtsy to Queen Elizabeth, our ONE real ally, Great Britain, BUT bows DEEPLY to the terrorist country Kings!

There are SO many things about this traitorous, monstrous imposter, that would take 50 pages to tell. It just breaks my heart that American is being PLAYED for a fool, and are going to be destroyed from within. The act of 911, where they used OUR OWN planes to destroy our OUR OWN icons, was ingenious, you have to say.

But what could be MORE igenious, than having a terrorist monster, with a planned set up from his backers overseas, officially elected to the MOST POWERFUL POSITION IN THE LAND, to have the LEGAL power to destroy us!

By the way, IF by some MIRACLE, Obama is exposed and booted out as the imposter that he is, and working to advance the plots of his terrorist friends overseas, and the blacks raise up, so WHAT!!!

I am SO TIRED of fearing the blacks, like everyone does, because we are so afraid of their violent tactics, that we will roll over and do nothing! Blacks have always used their vehement force of craziness to subdue everyone in fear, and I"M SICK OF IT! They want to be equal in every respect, BUT want SPECIAL ATTENTION and SPECIAL THINGS all the time because they're BLACK! Enough! They know what they are doing, and they laugh at the white behind closed doors, how they cowered us down again!


You stated .... "His white grandmother said Obama was born in Kenya many times, and bragged that she was there to witness his birth in Kenya, but she is now conveniently dead."

I am sorry to disagree with you on this, but if you are going to state things to the general public about Obama, you had best make sure every word is the absolute truth..... It was Sarah Obama, his stepgrandmother- the stepmother to his father, Obama Sr. who came to the inauguration in January at the White House, who said to the Rev (on tape) and to Jerome Corsi, that she was at the hospital in Mombassa, Kenya when Obama (our Pres...the Usurper) was born. She has stated it on tape and to many others over the course of the last year and a half. Obama's other grandmother, the one that died in Hawaii on Oct 22, (NOT Nov 2, as played up in the press for political sympathy) that is the White Grandmother - Stanley Ann Dunham's mother, and her name was Madelyn Dunham, and she helped raise Obama Jr while Stanlye Ann was cavorting around the world while married to and after her divorce from Lolo Soetoro, and in Indonesia working for the Ford Foundation and who by chance, is/was run by Timothy Geithner's father.

You're probably right. So much of what we all hear, is heresay, as none of us were there. Also, I was having a bad day, that day, and was mad at everyone. Obama is a nice guy, and is trying to do good things for us. I love his sympathy towards animals, for instance, and his cooperation with the Humane Society for animal protection.

Actually, all races are guilty of wanting attention, at one time or another. Things irritate us, and then we get over it. All of us. Blacks are passionate in great ways, most of the time. I absolutely love stirring black gospel singing. It really gets deep in me, and I thank God for that. If we all treat each other with respect after we calm down after getting irritated, thank God we now live in a great society that respects everyone, and by renewing our mind with the love of God, we get our balance back.

Patience, please, patience. Good things must ripen until ready. Remember the non chalant manner in which Newt Gingrinch destroyed Bill Clinton? The Republicans are a very clever intelligent bunch. They gather information, store it and let it build up until they need it. Then, when the guys on the other side start joining them one by one, little by little, asking the same thing, it begins to muster. I am starting to notice on liberal sights the requests for Obama to step aside. These sights monitor speech, so if articles like this are allowed on these leftist sights, momentum is building. Finally, Obama is being watched and monitored... Patience.
By the way to Patrick Johns, I thank God, too. I thank God that our country does respect everyone. But I will never be thankful Obama believes apologizing out of his fear and his cowardice while surrendering Israel to the antichrist countries will protect the country. I will pray for Israel and the USA by hoping this country will maintain its resolve and strength through our Dear Leader's abject fear of his post.

Hmmm...if the blacks were to understand that Obama is not black but 50%caucasion..48& ARAB..2% black wouldn't that help them accept obama's removal from office. This is what makes me so angry in that Obama's platform was he was black..isn't that great..the usa actually voted for a black man. BUT he is not black...he is ARAB. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Unfortunately, many people are just now realizing that just because we put a black man in office, everything is not OK. That was the main agenda of the black population, and young whites, and of course the seduced media, that they had to anything it took just to get a black man in office, who talked well. They did not look at his agenda, his voting record, his background, anything. They were just seduced, and adamant about putting "the first black man in the White House". And now all of us have to pay for their stupidity. He has many secret agendas, and now has the power to put them into effect. Woe to us.

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