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January 26, 2009


Wait, it will get better!
When he drives the the coal companys out of business, and your electric bill has quadrupled, we'll be stealing innertubes to swim the straits of Florida to get to Cuba,... where they still have automobiles, though old ones,....
The 30% percent unemployment rate will be balanced by the $50/hr minimum wage,.... $28 for a Big Mac!
Wow, what a great way to get people off junk food.

It would make sense to leave California out of your Marketing Plan.

It is amazing how gullable and stupid the Obama administration is. This is one the most ridiculous proposals I have heard to date. God help this wonderful country of ours!

This is something that should have been done years ago, and in the loing run, the auto makers and their stockholders will thank him for it

Bush blocked this measure, and he and his 24%ers, AKA Bushbots are the foolish ones

This should not be a surprise, whan we talked about CHANGE, this is what we meant

yes we did

well, I guess that you don't like to have cars to drive, how about horses, but oh, I forgot, the BLM is auctioning them off and driving them out of the range casue they are too expensive to feed anymore and they are starving out in the open range, cause of not enough food and water to keep them alive, guess that horses won't do for now, so how about DONKEYS???

Tougher emission standards will drive waht is left of the AUto Companies out of business and then the Unions will not haave any way to pay all those benefits to the retired workers and then that will deepen this recession we are in..... or maybe all those cars that are sitting on the lots right now will magically be sold, so that people can get those before the new standards come in.... STUPIDITY no matter how you look at it.

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