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January 24, 2009


Do you, really, think there's a chance that Obama might be forced out of office?

By the way, I think your blog is terrific.

{From DR -- I glad you like Gina Cobb! I have answered your question in it's own posting. Have look.

Pro Patria}

Biden would take over for the balance of his term. There is no provision in the Constitution for a special election.
Under the 25th Amendment, Biden would then appoint a new Vice President (subject to Senate approval.)
Suppose Biden appointed the Secretary of State, and then himself resigned. That would hand the Oval Office to Hillary.

This is likely to be a very entertaining four years.

IF Obama wass forced to leave the Presidency, Biden would be TEMPORAIRLY President, UNTIL a new president could be agreed upon, because he would also be the product of the Usurper TEAM and had to have full knowledge of the Usurpers condition before embarking upon the sham of Election.

My daughter attended CFCC and young adults with scholarships bragged how they voted twice for Obama. One from their home state and one from Florida. Friends of mine have also state that they have read or heard of the Democrats going to jails for inmates votes as well as homeless people. I've lived in several states and when I vote I always have to have my ID and proof of registering!

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