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December 06, 2008


Gina –
Thank you for re-posting this article! It contains so much useful information about how Washington and the MSM work. The criticisms you wrote in 2006 were so very spot on. It’s truly amazing how fabulously wrong those people were.

I remember when the Iraq Study Group was appointed, I could see it was full of partisan hacks who, (1) lacked the skills and knowledge necessary to make an expert appraisal of the situation, (2) were so politically biased that it was obvious they would opt for “de-escalation” or surrender, (3) the MSM would trumpet the findings everywhere because socialists don’t want the US to win; not at any thing, and not anywhere, (4) Bush had to put up with these fools and their opinions in order to be conciliatory and bipartisan.

To win the Iraq war, Bush had to be brave, self-assured, and determined enough to completely ignore these recommendations and do the opposite. Because he was brave and determined, and right, he won the war. Not the Democrats, not this foolish committee, and not the MSM. Bush won the Iraq war, because he did the right thing.

These “experts” are still lining up to be on TV, but none are explaining their bad advice on Iraq. Following their advice would have been disastrous for the war on terror. How partisan, how pro-surrender those people were. But no matter how much damage they almost perpetrated on America, they will not retract a single sentence of that bad advice.

The MSM, of course, still holds those people in high regard as “pundits” and “thought leaders”, and they are welcomed back to comment on political minutiae. These days they opine such gems as, “Oh, yes, Obama will do just fine. All this talk about a coup d’etat is nonsense. I should know, because I’m in on it.”

Your article is the best evidence I’ve ever seen about dangerous "experts" can be. To be credible, true experts must: (1) be reasonably bright and articulate, (2) have a history of being objective, (3) have a history of being right, (4) be a patriot who wants America to do well and succeed, (5) know a lot,and (6)admit it later when they make a huge mistake.

As it was, those “experts” were worse than useless. They were dangerous.

Pro Patria

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