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December 08, 2008


Obama vs McCain was 69+ million vs 59+ million (wikipedia) ; 65+ million vs 57+ million (fox news) ... the National Review Article, that you link to, uses the figure of 64 million ... it's surely more than 52 million as you have used in the hyperlink.

[Gina Cobb responds: Sorry - you're right -- I confused 52% with the vote total. Will correct it. Thanks for your comment.]

I wonder what it would cost to have the Department of Health for the State of Hawai'i mail out certified (notarized) copies (obviously they would have to be copies, there is only one "original")of Obama's proof of birth/citizenship to every single registered voter in the US? (Remembering, of course, the laws about citizenship in regards people born in the Territory (now State) of Hawai'i.) All things considered, it probably would be a good investment...

Even then, though, I suspect there would still be those who would insist he was pulling some (more) shenanigans and just _claiming_ to be meet the requirements of Article II of the 14th Amendment, when he was/is _really_ (take your pick from the following) Indonesian, British, Kenyan, and/or Canadian. (I may have left a nation or two out...) And/or, that he's not qualified to be POTUS because he's _really_ a naturalized citizen - any and all proof to the contrary, be damned.

Actually, I think, we should all probably be greatly relieved (and thankful) SCOTUS is a dignified, deliberative body that is aware of/knows the laws of the land; that it does not allow itself to give credence to rumors, innuendoes, and conjectures presented as "fact"; and that it is able to distinguish between what is credible support for a lawsuit (and/or _any_ argument) and that which is not.

On second thought...maybe they, too, are all in cahoots with Obama (the low-down, sneaky, natural-born US-citizen imposter...trying to destroy our Constitution and all). Since the SCOTUS've declined to hear the case(s) brought before them on the issue, they _must_ be. Sure; makes totally logical sense to me. [/sarcasm]

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