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December 05, 2008


If he has nothing to hide and he is in possession of a legal birth certificate, wouldn't the simple solution to this expensive problem be to produce the legal certificate and eliminate all doubts?? Until I can be assured that there is such a certificate, I shall never believe that he is telling the truth; and if he assumes the presidency, how can I believe anything he says is the truth??

A recent story in the Buffalo News cites a claim by Barbara "Kai" Nelson of Kenmore, NY claiming knowledge that the physician delivering Obama was named Rodney T. West and that he delivered Obama at Kapiolani Hospital. The reporter's name at the News is Paula Voell. Nelson claims she heard of Obama's birth on or near the Day Obama was born,that she taught him in Fifth grade and in High School. She has a e-mail address at Punahou School but has come back to Kenmore,according to "the story" as it was labeled!


{From DR -- Well thank you for this comment, although I must admit it's unhelpful.

The woman quoted doesn't supply enough information in the interview to validate what she says. In fact even a cursory review leaves me unsure of her words.

She relates a fairly incredible story that a Dr. Rodney T. West casually mentioned to her in 1961 that he delivered a baby from a woman named "Stanley". She remembers this fact in perfect detail until today, in 2009.

Conveniently, Dr. Rodney T. West is dead. So is Obama's grandmother and grandfather. So is Obama's mother and father. There is no record I can find that prior to his death last year, Dr. Rodney T. West ever told anyone else anything about this story, or anything else he knew about Obama.

Of course, these vague secondary sources of hearsay information only underscore the glaring need for Obama to prove his eligibility by legal means, before a court of law, where all US citizens can examine the evidence and satisfy themselves that it is valid.

Pro Patria}

I do not believe that Obama was born in Honolulu! I e-mailed Paula Voell,the Buffalo News reporter that wrote the Nelson "Story".

She stated that she had no reason not to believe Nelson.

Nelson's story is not credible,given the claims of others that Obama was born in Mombassa,Kenya. These include,the Kenyan Ambassador, Obama's Kenyan Grandmother, an Imam (as reported in the Daily Jefferson in November,2008) and Globe magazine. Kapiliani and The Queens were BOTH claimed as Obama's birthplace. How could that be?

{From DR-- Dear Robert. Thanks for this comment. Yes, I agree the interview with Ms Nelson is not all convincing.

Ms. Nelson says she recalls that in 1961, a retired doctor once mentioned to her that someone named "Stanley" had a baby. She recalled this memory just recently, 47 years after the event.

The doctor couldn't have delivered the baby, he was retired.

The reporter said, "she had no reason not to believe Nelson." She is implicitly saying she took Nelson at her word, and did not fact check or validate the story.

You might also be interested in my recent posting which documents that Kenya's highest government officials are certain Obama was born in Kenya.

Pro Patria}

Re: Dr Rodney T West: "....Then, after practicing on the Big Island of Hawaii for a year, he returned to Honolulu and joined the Obstetrics and Gynecological department of the Straub Clinic. In December of l956, after delivering at least 5,OOO babies - and other things, he retired from the practice of medicine..." Another Obama lie is uncovered! The doctor whom they claim delivered Obama retired five years prior to his birth! INFO TAKEN FROM "PEARL HARBOR SURVIVORS PROJECT" WEBSITE.

We must keep hitting this boulder with a hammer. It will crumble!

{From DR -- When the economy tanks and Obama's popularity tanks with it, we will invite the miners to show up with their diamond drills. With the help of the American people, we can turn that boulder into a nice load of gravel.
Pro Patria}

We know Obama is older than he claims. 1956 is not out of the question.
Obama Birth Announcement Forged

Barbara Nelson's story has "been discredited" (Farah,WND)

Here's a little more about the good doctor. Seems his retirement age posted previously was a bit off. Retirement at age 48? It could happen. However, Doctor West waited until 65.


Mother's birth name was POPE! Linda Joy Adams

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