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November 12, 2008


i believe i heard that the madam speaker wanted consessions on ceo pay and golden parachutes but nothing fron the unions. hhhmmm doesn't sound doable to me. what a shame...this once powerful industrie now on its knees begging...whats next ? big trucking? i pray not. God Bless Gina!

I just read an article about Zimbabwe. A little boy needed a wagon to cart off all the millions of Zimbabwe currency to buy a loaf of bread. I have no doubt the Money Printers at the Treasury are in fine working order, but the more money we print the value goes down. Now I am not an economic guru, but in my limited understanding of today's economics, the only keeping us from the soup kitchens, is the value of our money. Bailing out the car companies is like placing a "Sponge Bob" band aid on a deep laceration. I do not mean to drag Sponge Bob into this but you get the picture. The government is "spoiling" the car companies and feeding the unions that are threatening to destroy the very mouth that feeds them.
My 9 year old son spends every dollar that I give him. Money burns a hole in his hand till he spends it, mostly on cheap plastic toys and candy,like most kids. The more money I give him; the more money he spends. (We have had numerous talks about the value of money- and he earns his money doing little chores) However, I as a parent limit the money I give him. Simple parenting techniques, nothing over the top retrieved from a thick wordy "How to be a fabulous parent." guide. Now shouldn't the car companies renegotiate with the unions. Times are tough there is no place in our economy for candy and toys. It is all bread and milk now. Until we know that we may be in for a rough rise... so hold on to your hats.

Great comment, Riki. Hope you'll keep dropping by.

Unions, what good are they? Not one darn thing currently is coming from the unions other then, "Hey Mister, I want to come work for you!", "Yes, then what can you do?" "Nothing, but if I talk to all the boys that do work for you we can organize and cut your #$%$#% head off if you don't hire me to sit on my fat lazy butt all day" "Now, we know what is going on with your schools" It is teacher Unions to pay unqualified people to teach something they can't comprehend themselves. What idiots these people make of themselves now day's. I believe we have them to thank for our mess because they preach this garbage to there students that they too can grow up to do nothing and make a killing at sitting on there fat A$$ while getting payed. "Don't think, don't work, don't bother, get payed" That should be the new UNION slogan, in that order.

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