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November 30, 2008


On Dec 5 the Supreme Court will either allow or disallow the usurpation of both the Constitution and the Government of the United States — easily the most pivotal decision since our nation’s founding — and the silence of the news media is deafening (if not downright scary).


{From DR -- Thanks Ted. I think by now we will have to accept that the MSM will do very little with this. If riots ensue, they may even ignore them. The French MSM ignore the rioting in France.

The MSM is only the "fourth estate".

We are the "fifth estate", we are the voice of the people. Finally, after more than 2,500 years, Vox Populi has found a way to consolidate and project political influence. Furthermore, whereas the irrational and emotional left mainly runs websites based on emotion, the center-right continues it's relentless drumbeat of rationalism.

If we can retain our rationalism and avoid extremism, we have a chance to prevail. Eventually.

-- Pro Patria}

Leo Donofrio requested, and received, special air time this evening on Plains Radio for an announcement.

It was on quite late, starting at 11pm EST but my understanding that I just got from the show is that apparently the South Carolina Board of Elections has sent a letter to their Electors, instructing them to definitively verify that Obama is eligible as a candidate for the presidency PRIOR to their EC vote.

Also, apparently the TN electors are having a conference call to discuss how to best verify this issue also prior to their vote.

I'm sure everyone knows that Leo Donofrio is the attorney whose case regarding Obama's lack of eligibility as a "natural born citizen" comes before the full Supreme Court conference this Friday.

There should be a lot more verification of all this by tomorrow, and also the interview will be available on the Plains Radio archives tomorrow as well.

It's still obviously up to the Supreme Court and the Electoral College, though.
{From DR-- Thanks for this rrobin! The last time I checked, the archived audio from yesterday is not available yet.

I have not been able to verify the points about the actions of the electors. The best I can find is that people speculate, or think, that this is what the electors are doing.

If you find out more, please tell us!
-- Pro Patria}

And the silence of the congress, the executive branch, especially President Bush and VP Cheney. I can't see why all of them are just waving a flag of surrender and giving Obama a pass on this issue.

It sure seems like a big coup is in the making, what with the financial meltdown that was prompted by all the money bankers and Congress and now it is going into the private sector to purge all of the rest of the larger holdings in our finances and kill the dollar. This is a very well engineered coup. And it is from someone whom we all think of as "friend"....

Obama's "Natural Born Citizen" issue well, it is clear as a bell to me, and to anyone who takes the time to look at it twice, I mean, Obama even states on Fightthesmears and is quoted on Factcheck that he is a dual citizen, even though he says he renounced his Kenyan Citizenship, that still doesn't make him a Natural Born Citizen, it only makes him naturalized.

If it is true that he renounced, because he also states that his mother was ONLY 18 when she gave birth to him, so she could not confer Citizenship to him from her own. So even then, he still can't be POTUS because he is NOT a viable candidate to serve as President.

"Natural Born Citizen" means just that "Natural Born Citizen" of two birth parents who were either natural themselves at birth or at the very least, naturalized before his time of birth and had resided in the country for a period of 5 years, (at the time of his birth, that is the way the law was written) and he can't possible meet that requirement, no matter where he was born, IF his father is Barack Obama Sr as is stated.

Me thinks that there is much more under the sheets than just politics, I think that many people have been intentionally putting this together for the last 6 years, and Obama is the perfect stooge because he is a likable enough guy, and those that are making the quest to get our Constitution shredded and overthrown are using Obama as a tool.

He may or may not be aware of his part in this chess game, but I think that he has to be complicit. And I think that the money people behind it feel that they have way too much to lose at this point and will do anything they can to destroy this country and see our Constitution go down in flames.

Now who would have that kind of hatred and anger at America, folks???? Try Soros and the leverage artists in Dubai.

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