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November 20, 2008


Let see if I can comment and whether you will (again) alter my comments
Whatever. All I can say is that if you want to continue making it a Democrat / Republican issue then Bush is the guy you should be shooting. In 8 years he's brought the US to it's knees.

If you want to look at the financial crises as a massive problem that the world now has, then yes - lets get off oil as quick as possible - so that we are not dependent on these crazy countries in the middle of knowhere and so that we can eventually make this world a much cleaner and healthier place.

Whether Obama, etc are right about what they want to do is another story, but the first world countries need to take the lead in helping save this planet.

Nice weekend.

I drive a prius and until the us automakers start producing vehicles that are worth a damn I will continue to drive an import. I live in MI. and the auto industry is in shambles due to three factors
1.) over production in unstable economy
2.) Poor marketing and sales showings (economically enhanced thanks dubya)
3.) Cost of oil and overall dependace on forign oil supply

It isn't about a business model it about people not having jobs let alone money to buy cars, car prices are up jobs are non-existant, and everyone will feel the pinch until Bush is out of office and Obama can re-invent Clinton's policies.

"The Big Three's workers make, on average, $74 an hour - the highest paid in the country. Their Japanese counterparts, on the other hand, offer their non-unionized American workers just $47 and hour."

Time to share some wealth from the CEO's right down to the man/woman on the line.

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