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November 29, 2008


On Dec 5 the Supreme Court will either allow or disallow the usurpation of both the Constitution and the Government of the United States — easily the most pivotal decision since our nation’s founding — and the silence of the news media is deafening (if not downright scary).


The birth certificate actually doesn't matter, except as additional proofshowing his place of birth and his parents names.
Obama is NOT a "natural born citizen" due to his already stated dual citizenship at birth. Only natural born citizens may become president, due to the issue of divided loyalties from birth, and Obama clearly does not qualify.
The Supreme Court and the Electoral College have GOT to uphold our U.S. Constitution, as they have sworn to do. Otherwise, if Obama is allowed to assume the presidency without being lawfully eligible, every law, every decision, every treaty, every single action will be questioned. Plus, wouldn't every military officer that follows any order then be at risk for prosecution for following an ineligible Commander in Chief?
This is an ensuing constitutional nightmare.
Here are two links for more information:

I pray you are successful Mr Keys. There seems to be 1 set of rules for President Elect Obama and another set of rules for the rest of the world. I can not get over this love affair that the Media and the rest of the world has with Obama.

It is really sad. I keep hoping that I will wake up and it would have all just been a bad dream. It is very much like Jim Jones and a bunch of "Kool-aid" drinkers.
{From DR -- Thank you for your comment.

Things seem a bit scary right now, but Keyes isn't giving up, and I respect his determination and spirit. America looks like it's headed for the ditch right now, but I'm certain that self-correcting forces are already at work. Americans have a way of getting out of serious jams.

As for the apparent doodle-heads who voted for this guy, I bear them no malice. They just made a mistake, that's all. And it's hard to blame them. In my mind, the idea if an intelligent, charismatic and determined black President is a neat idea.

I'm not particularly pro-affirmative action or anything like that. It just seems like a neat idea. And that's what Americans voted for, a neat idea.

They like neat ideas.

But we still have to try to remove Obama from power, or at least limit the damage he does. Underneath it all, Obama is not a neat idea.

--Pro Patria}

Dear Dr Keyes

We wish to applaud you for your latest interview regarding Obama. He certainly is a communist as well as a baby killer.
Neither of us will desecrate the office of the Presidency by calling him our president.
We feel you are the right person to organize a U.S. protest on the lawn of the capital. Is this something you would consider?
We continue to support and pray for you.

Tyrus and Mary Krigbaum

From winnybar:

Obama Birth Announcement Forged

Hawaii officials used the presence of a birth certificate different from the August 4, 1961 BC that doesn't exist to intimate that it does. The unknown birth certificate has the real mother and maybe the real father. Frank Marshall Davis was the real 'Obama' father who probably didn't sign. The Mother, a white woman, had to sign. Her nationality would be on it. In an out of wedlock birth the mother determines nationality and citizenship. As 'Obama' is older than he claims he probably was if in Hawaii before statehood in 1959. He would be unnatural born on that score alone.

From DR -- Dear Winnybar:

Please be careful with this! The website you refer to contains factual errors. It also mixes speculation, invective, and false accusations in with the facts.

It does not conclusively prove Obama's birth announcements were forged.

Combining fact with fiction only serves to obscure the truth. Only the rigorous persuit of the truth will win this fight.

Obama's people can and will devote huge resources to discrediting his critics. They now have billions to spend on destroying the opposition. If our arguments are even slightly flawed or exaggerated, Obama will use that to discredit the entire movement against him.

Please be patient, and be careful. Stick to the facts, and focus only on this things you are very sure about. Keep track of your links to source material, and cite them often.

More damaging facts will come to light about Obama. We know this because Obama has obscured a huge amount about his past, and as researchers dig, they will find more and more falsehoods.

Please see my upcoming posting about this.

Pro Patria

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