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November 11, 2008


Great post!!

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Yes, he can be graceful and gracious, but he has also called patriots terrorists, or supporters of terrorists. He has authorized secret detentions and torture, under which dozens died (not much use to interrogate a dead body, is there?), he has libeled his own party when they crossed him on "Comprehensive Immigration Reform." I'm sure he was gracious when authorizing warrantless wiretapping, too.

I'm sorry, Gina, I'm of the actions louder than words school of character interpretation. This falls into the category of supposed to. He's supposed to be gracious to the President-Elect. I'm sure there have been ungracious characters slinking out of the White House all through our history, but he's supposed to be gracious. I'm sure if I were to meet the Inquisitor in Chief, I'd be gracious, too, because that's how my mother raised. But she also didn't raise fools.

[Gina Cobb responds: George Bush has not been gracious toward terrorists -- I'll grant you that. I consider that a major plus. As far as calling patriots terrorists, who are you talking about? "Supporters of terrorists" -- that I believe. The left has spent much of the past two years demanding that America spring battlefield combatants from Guantanamo. "Secret detentions and torture, under which dozens died." Strange wording, that -- "under which dozens died." How exactly did they die? I'll bet you're including the four terrorists at Guantanamo who hung themselves in order to try to trigger liberal guilt. That's part of their war strategy. I'm sure there have been at least a few deaths in detention just as there are more than a few deaths in Chicago or Washington D.C. every day.]

Very nice post. We've all seen the 'bad' side of Bush, it's nice to hear about the good things he's done too.

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