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October 23, 2008


{From DR -- Thanks for commenting. I have responded to each of your points with my own notes.}


1) Do any of the suits make valid legal arguments?

{Yes they do. Did you read my posting?}

Do any of the claimants have legal standing to make the claims? Just being a "concerned citizen" does not confer legal standing to make a claim.

{Legal standing is determined by each court, according to the merits of each case. In all 8 cases, the case has NOT been dismissed because of insufficient legal standing. Obviously standing is an issue, but it has not yet been the grounds for dismissal for any of these cases.}

The Republican Party could do it, as could John McCain. But they aren't. What does that tell you?

{Nothing that I can think of. Please explain.}

2) If they have tapes, why don't they release them? Maybe they are just looking for publicity....

{I agree}

3) Martin is a notorious "vexatious litigant" who has filed hundreds of lawsuits on spurious grounds. This is just the latest of many. He is a clown and no judge takes him seriously. He is also looking for publicity.

{This is an irrelevant ad hominem attack on Martin. Please remember that all I know about Andy Martin's background comes from the MSM and bloggers. Since they don't identify their sources or prove their words, they are simply slandering and defaming Martin. It's better to focus on the merits of the case itself. The courts in Hawaii are certainly taking this case seriously.}

4) This is all rank speculation not supported by any facts whatsoever.

{I check everything before I post. I cite key references, and if you see something unverified, please ask me about it in a comment. I'll tel you where I found it and why I believe it to be true. If there is no reference, that's usually because I recently posted on the same topic, and referenced the source there. So just ask me.}

Obama has released his official "record of live birth" that serves to establish citizenship for purposes of getting a passport and yes, running for president.

{Hawaii does not release digital bith records. These scanned documents have clearly been photo-shopped. Did you read my posting?}

Public officials are not required to respond to every spurious lawsuit that is filed in whatever jurisdiction. The claimant must have standing (none of the suits filed have been filed by a claimant with standing), the respondent must be properly served, and beyond this, a valid legal claim must be made. The suits fail on all three counts.

{See my note above about Legal standing. With respect to service, and the merit of the claims, these criteria have been met in the Berg case and the Martin case. DO NOT be so dismissive my friend! Read the material! Almost all of Berg's documentation is posted online. Obamacrimes.com}

5) Berg does not have standing to file a suit against Obama in this matter. His suit will be dismissed by the judge. Watch and learn.

{See my notes above about standing. Standing has never been cited as an issue by the Judges in the Berg or Martin cases. None of these 8 cases have been dismissed.}

6) If Obama is inaugurated and forced out of office, Biden becomes President.

{This is moot, but I tend to agree. The process is outlined in the US Constitution, which is available online.}

If he were to be declared ineligible after the election and before inauguration, the legal status is unclear, and most likely the Supreme Court would end up making a ruling.

{This is moot.}

In any case, were Obama in fact ineligible, a party with standing would have challenged his candidacy long ago.

{These challenges did start years ago. Perhaps you just started reading about them! Of course, they remained hypothetical until Obama was actually nominated.

However, the time is very short now. I am also amazed that it has come to this, but the DNC did not vet Obama properly. McCain has made all his records public. BUT, AS INCREDIBLE AS IT MAY SEEM, Obama is clearly hiding something.}

Just being a wingnut does not confer standing before a court in any jurisdiction.

{Irrelevant comment.}

McCain's citizenship was challenged in the same way, and the court ruled that the claimant did not have standing to raise the issue.

{Yes, that's true. That judge, in that court, made that judgment. Note however, that after that, McCain made all his records public, for all to see. I know of no subsequent legal challenges to McCain's eligibility to stand as President.}

The same as will happen in every case brought against Obama, unless a political opponent (i.e., McCain) or the government itself raise the issue.

{See my note above about each judge in each court, for each case making their own judgments about Legal standing. No general rule seems to apply here.}

7) Eligibility is always a big issue. These things are checked.

{Yes, by the DNC, who blew it. Did you actually read my posting?}

8) It is not difficult to determine where a person was born and the facts are that Obama was born in Hawaii and is therefore a "natural born" citizen.

{It certainly can be difficult to verify these facts. Remember that citizenship fraud is common. In Hawaii, home births do occur among the indigenous Hawaiians and other groups, for many reasons. In such cases the the parents swear out the place and time of birth for the baby. It's like an affidavit.

Obama's mother could readily have flown to Hawaii with the baby and sworn out such a document. Since she was a US citizen resident in Hawaii, why would the birth registry officials doubt her claim?

Why would she do this? Well, to ensure that her son was a US citizen!}

9) You obviously do not understand these rules of procedure so there is no need to comment on them.

{I don't discuss the rules of procedure. I mainly focus on issues related to Obama's eligibility to take office. Did you read my posting?}

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