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October 22, 2008



Her interview was a joke, just like most of her other interviews. She can never tell us HOW she will reform government, she just says her own talking points. Drew Griffin had to ask her the question twice: "What will you do on Day One to make a difference in this crisis?" She can never get specific, bu keeps saying "She'll take on the special interests and "reign in government growth" and help "government get out of the way". What does this mean? She doesn't know what she's talking on beyond her superficial talking points given to her by Steve Schmidt.

{From DR -- Well, as Patrick Moynihan famously said, you are entitled to your own opinions, but not to your own facts.

I encourage you to look at interviews Palin did as Governor. There are many TV interviews on YouTube. When asked detailed questions about federal government revenue sharing for health care, oil extraction policy, or the environmental research on Caribou herds, she is extremely intelligent, articulate and well-informed.

The general of the Alaskan National guard, who reported to her, noted in a recent interview how bright she is is and what a quick study she is.

Don't judge a book by it's cover. Sometimes a beautifully bound book also has excellent content. Some people just happen to be attractive as well as smart.

Obama is another one who is attractive and smart. I disagree with him, but there is no question he is a very intelligent person. -- Pro Patria}

What would YOU do on Day 1, AF, if you were the vice president?

Go ahead. Give your complete answer instantly as if it were for the cameras and impossible to retract (which is how it works for candidates in the media age) and be specific.

If you take more than 5 seconds to think about your answer, you lose.

That's the situation Palin was placed in. She did fine.

Besides, a VP is not a czar. Palin will have no power as V.P. except that provided to her by the constitution and the president.

The question was unrealistic to begin with.

If having a vague answer, incomplete answer, or no answer to a question was a disqualifying condition for higher office, both Obama and Biden would have been thrown out on their ears long ago. Obama is the king of Vague Hope and Changiness.

From here, it looks like you are either applying a double standard to Palin or setting unrealistically high expectations.

I conclude that you are probably either naive about what you can realistically expect as an instant response to an interview question like this one or, more likely, a partisan who is just being hard on Palin because that's what you assume is necessary to win the election.

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