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October 29, 2008


As much as I utterly loathe Obama and think less of him than ****, I seriously doubt that he or his staff would be stupid enough to try and bribe API for this tape.

That means API is lying, and so we can assume, unfortunately, that they are lying about the existence of the tape and their deal with Fox News as well.

I want to believe this is real as much as anyone who despises The Messiah but so far it looks like a hoax.

I just got an E mail from the editor at WorldNetDaily saying that "no tapes will be aired" in reference to this Michelle Obama tapes story. I hope he's wrong but I have no way of knowing.
Ms. Cobb, do you have any further documentation?
I now just wonder which story will turn out to be true?
{From DR -- Well, I can't speak for Gina, but I have nothing new to report. Since API claims to have made a deal with FOX, my best guess is that FOX will air this material on or about the time that Obama airs his 1/2 hr infomercial. But that's just a guess...
Pro Patria}

Wouldn't you think Obama's campaign would offer a lot more than three million dollars for this tape if it existed? I doubt the phone call even took place, and if so, there's no tape. Obama would have offered thirty million if it were true!

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