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September 27, 2008


How does this video make her look good? She completely contradicts herself. "We shouldn't second guessED Isreal?" It might be time to have a coherent person running our country.

Sure, Catherine.. Its pretty obvius that this is just another attempt from the libral media to make Palin look bad. I think she is great, I am definitely voting for her and MCain. Why is everyone giving her crap for saying that Alaska is close to Russia? IT IS!!! HELLOO

"Why is everyone giving her crap for saying that Alaska is close to Russia? IT IS!!! HELLOO"

Because she mentioned Alaska's proximity to Russia in response to a question about what makes her qualified to deal with issues of foreign policy. It was a ludicrous answer. It's like if someone asked you what qualifies you to be an astronaut and you said "Well, I can look up in the sky and see the moon."

My apologies to you if your comment was actually facetious in nature. Sometimes that sort of humor is hard to pick up on through the internet.

I think that Russia being close to Alaska makes her qualified! She has to deal with, you know like planes and stuff and that requires alot of knowledge. and I think she speaks russian and has been there a lot, i think you can like boat over there.. so she must know a lot about other countries. i mean jsut because she got her passport a little over a year ago doesnt mean she hasn't traveled to places! lets not forget that only six years ago she wanted to be a news anchor, so naturally she didnt need to travel. i wish everyone would stop giving her a hard time about things like not knowing what the bush doctrine is or about dinosaurs.. if god said man was here since the begining which was definitely about 4,000 years ago then obviously its right. im pretty sure that most scientific studies are lying which is why I home school myself and never seek medical attention, I just pray! its worked out really well, and i think i know a lot about life and politics, i also have awesome spelling and grammatical skills. of course, not as good as sarah palin

Sarah Palin speaks Russian?! Where did you pull that one out of? How does one travel outside of the country with no passport? Actually, have you been able to do that? I have been to many different countries. I am blessed to be a multicultural American with an Asian and Hispanic background and one defintely opens up their eyes and mind when traveling abroad. I've been to China, Hong Kong, Spain, Bolivia, Puerto Rico, Canada, Korea and Guatemala. Funny you say that 6 years ago she was a news anchor - exactly! How does this qualify her for such an important position? You certainly don't make her look to be very smart by what you are implying in your statement, and besides how does being a news anchor imply that there is no need to travel? You certainly made me laugh with that one. I pray too. Alot. I pray that we will have some decency given to the American people by our government. Assisting us economically, in education, in healthcare, in our basic right to work hard and be free of debt! This nation how drowned our future in debt! Matilda, I'm not sure if your home schooling is working very well. I think you need some new grammar books and a bit of real life world intelligence.

{From DR -- John, are you taking your medication?}

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