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September 12, 2008


Gawfer - England (and London especially) is down the tubes. My brother lives there - right next to where high school kids walk past on the way to school . He says he hears new swear words every day. The place doesn't have a middle class anymore - it's full of real low people.
Of course it'S not all like that - but you've got to have money to not be a part of it.

Once a country has guns there isn't a way back really. I lived in a country where you'd go to someones for coffee and people would come in and plonk their guns down on the coffee table. I once counted 3 ! That was because you could get burgled at any time by violent gangsters. There is very little chance of a way back from that.

In this world you need very strong national structures and laws to maintain society. You also need a population that is educated and morally good hearted, low jobless and big middle class. If you have that and no guns allowed you're on to a winner.

Shooting guns is fun - I shot many things - but not animals - sorry but that is cowardly. Fight the animal with your bare hands if you are so mucho. Just my thoughts.

And ps - I did carry my mates in body bags.

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