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September 04, 2008


Did you hear what a recent study by scientists just found? Compasses point North because of Sarah Palin.

That's how well she did. :)

I was engaged in a conversation this morning with another articulate woman at my office, and was reminded of the difference between Liberals and conservatives... at least what should be the difference. Conservatives should lend themselves to meekness; the definition of which is "absolute power under absolute control”. She reminded me that even though Sarah did a splendid job dismantling the essence of her opponent’s platform, gloating is really inappropriate coming from the political party of adults who seek personal accountability.

That in itself is a monumental task when SARAH happens, LOL!

Interesting, gawfer. "Absolute power under absolute control," and how it relates to meekness and gloating. I hope you'll write more about the subject when you have time!


So what, in your definition, IS a conservative? Just curious...

I'd imagine one definition is someone who is capable of expressing Meekness.

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