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September 18, 2008


And I'm just a sexist for McCain. ??HUH??

I work in an industry that is male dominated. I'm a truck driver, and I do know a few excellent women truck drivers, but they are scarce amongst my profession. In my 40+ years of driving diesel truck, I haven't worked with many women truck drivers. But the women in my profession that I have known, have all had more common sense than the messiah, obama, and they weren't communists, socialists or Marxists.

I've looked at the seat covers of several million four wheelers, and most of the female drivers were looking up at me, with respect. Oh a few flashed, mooned or dared me....

I enjoyed that too, but the children of the mother in the minivan were noticing me also...and...they acknowledged that fact by raising their arm and doing the honking thing. If at all possible I honked my trucks air horns for the children and smiled.

I guess that makes me a bigot for McCain and Palin.

Palin, what a breath of fresh air, just when this NATION needed it.

Pssst...I'm a dues paying Teamster of over 25 years, and many of the hardcore vote Democrat union brother and sisters of mine are going to ignore Jimmy Hoffa's son, and vote for America.....the union vote will help put both Sen. McCain and Sen. Obama where they belong....John in the White house of the taxpayers, and Barack, sniveling in Chicago.

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