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September 09, 2008



That dude can't help himself... What a typical outspoken, undisciplined liberal. Oh yeah, I want him to lead my country.

Look for Hillary to step back into the lime light... now that would be a problem.

[From DR -- Gawfer, as I mentioned a while ago, I think Obama is abusing amphetamines, trying to stay energetic. The trouble with that, aside from being illegal, stupid, and causing brain and heart damage, is the cognitive impairment these drugs cause.

Obama lips off, rambles, and self-contradicts all the time, and I think it's because he's stoned.

As for Hillary, my guess is that she wants him to crash and burn. Then he will lose, and she will have a chance in 2012.]

Common colloquialism that even Senator McCain himself used last year when describing Clinton's health care plan.

Even if Obama is taking a sly/not-so-sly crack at Palin, is a pig less/more flattering than a pit bull?

Once again, not an important issue.

Let's talk about the economy instead.

Let's address the fact that we're on track for a near record budget deficit this year and what the next president needs to do about it?

How about addressing the current administrations takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and what this says about the way our economy has been run in the last few years, especially in regards to the unregulated housing market.

Ahh, good point Andrew. Let's talk about who passes legislation and how our economy was recovering after 9/11 until 2006 came, the democrats won the congress, Nancy Pelosi became speaker of the house, Harry Reid became the Senate Majority leader, and the economy plummeted along with congresses approval rating. Heck, we are still waiting for the first 100 hours to conclude. One thing Obama is right on; we need a change for sure.

Actually Gawfer, I believe the deficit spending of our own party is mostly to blame for the economic meltdown, that and the way they completely let the sub-prime mortgage lending get out of control. [From DR -- EVIDENCE, Andrew EVIDENCE!]

We inherited a US$250 billion dollar budget surplus from the previous administration, and instead we are now about to leave the next President a nearly $500billion budget deficit.

On our watch, the national debt has climbed from $5.7 trillion to $9.7 trillion.

That's ridiculous, and fiscally irresponsible. This is not what our party is supposed to be about. We are now beholden to foreign banks (I believe Japan holds the largest part of our debt [From DR -- EVIDENCE, Andrew EVIDENCE!]) and it has weakened our economy. The current slump is not just symptomatic of the last two years (though Congress must certainly share some of the blame) but the economic policies of the last eight years as a whole.

[Andrew, define SLUMP. The US economy is growing, as it has done throughout 2008. Recession occurs when the economy contracts, and therefore the US is NOT in a recession. The US dollar is rising rapidly against other major currencies, and the the price of oil is falling accordingly. What is a SLUMP? -- DR]

OK - seeing that we are now talking about real stuff and not lip-glossing:-

Here is something to think about.

There is absolutely no doubt that the US would have sunk financially by now if it had been as isolated as the USSR was.[EVIDENCE, yes but, Evidence!]

Thanksfully it is not.

Thankfully for the US and the world I guess, the US props up the world in many ways because of it's influence, BUT also because of the massive investments and interest other countries/companies/etc have in the US. There are other factors obviously.

However, that should not take away the fact that the economy is in dire straits.
[EVIDENCE, yes but, Evidence!]

The government taking over the US two largest morgage houses is unheard of. It's the biggest in history and who knows what would have happened if they hadent. Now Lehman Brothers and who will be next? Obviously the other banks will not tell unless they have to.

The US just can't keep fighting trillion dollar wars either - and thankfully.

Hey its not obamas fault didnt someone else say that you cant put lipstick on a bulldog. listen to both sides of the story hey dont hate da player hate da game

One of the biggest targets for politicians, as far as economics are concerned, is becoming the payday loan industry. Governors across the country are trying to rid their states of the industry altogether, and so far, Georgia, North Carolina, and Oregon have succeeded. The result was that bankruptcies, foreclosures, and also the number of overdraft fees due to bouncing checks went through the roof, which doesn’t do anything for the citizens afflicted in these turbulent times, and only is really good for the banking industry. Despite these negative effects, other states are looking to follow the example and do the same. Even at the national level, presidential candidate Barack Obama, is weighing in his own agenda on the issue, and advancing his own intentions on getting rid of the industry in the United States completely. If these measures, both on state levels and nationally, are successful, the results are going to be increased unemployment, more debt, more foreclosures, and an even worse economy.

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