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September 08, 2008


This whole election has been about Obama inventing himself, he's changed shapes and fit into any little notch he can to 'identify' with the people he is talking too. That is all he is, is a self-promoter and Bush Basher. He doesn't offer any real leadership for the country.

After his over-hyped and Bush hating speech at the DNC Obama's bubble burst, his speech was lack-luster and didn't amount to anything, just more of the same Democrat playbook old wind. When McCain introduced Palin Obama and Biden have practically went into hiding.

Biden has dropped off the map, I haven't seen or even heard about him from any news source. Obama is on the defensive and reacting to Palin, to Palin the VP. Not to McCain the nominee for President, Obama can't keep his eye on the prize, he's trying to defend himself so much that he'll lose the election rather then lose any ego about himself. Biden was a horrible choice, Obama threw away the election, Obama has been very vain and thought that picking someone to fill in for his foreign policy negatives that would quiet critics, all it did was confirm that Obama isn't ready to lead anyone, he hired Biden to make the choices for him.

The Democrats are really putting up some duds lately. But I guess the GOP did the same thing a few times also. When real Conservatives come back into government and stop this power-sharing arrangements, then the country will prosper like never before.

Here we are in the golden era of mass communication, world-wide markets and energy possibilities that could employ millions and we do what...nothing, the Democrats block new energy production (coal, nuclear, oil drilling) all at the same time crying about our enegry problems, the US military is trying to help people set up free markets in the world and what, the Democrats want to stop this from happening and let those countries go back into the hands of tryants. The Democrats are the source of Americans problems - and the Republicans that give into polling data, which I think polls are all bogus anyways.

Might as well throw darts at names on the wall and you'll have just a good of a chance to pick the next President as polls do.

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