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September 18, 2008


Are you really sure Russia needs that? We have a lot of our own troubles to digest.

Besides, advertising in printed media is downsizing worldwide, including Russia, Eastern and Western Europe, the USA...

And again, this is a sign that not everything is perfect - even in the USA.
[Vladimir, it was an indirect joke. As you know, it's always a bad sign for a joke-teller when they have to explain what they meant.

But anyway, the humor is that the MSM is in such bad shape that maybe they should to move to Russia. They would fit in there with so many Russian businesses being in bad shape as well.

Also, if the MSM moved to Russia, their relentless clamoring for Socialism would fit in better. Maybe a few Russians would actually buy those newspapers and read them. -- Pro Patria]


If I may, I'd like also to ad something to your words here http://ginacobb.typepad.com/gina_cobb/2008/09/crystal-clarity.html

Please divide things; when I can say Communism is a good thing as a theory, but I've never said it is wonderful in practice. Everything has two ends, or two poles (dialectic, maybe): good and evil, plus and minus, etc. Socialism in the USSR had a set of its own advantages and disadvantages, just like any other social formation.

You say: "I hate Communism and everything it stands for".
The basic principle of the ideology is that everyone receives according to needs, and gives according to capabilities. This is what Communism is about; thus, do you hate justice? Justice for all?

Well, and don't make me a total monster; I have never said genocide is or was OK (at the same time I sometimes think mankind needs kind of eugenics to survive).


[From DR -- Vladimir, if you would like to develop and organize your ideas a bit, I will publish them as a post. Keep it to about 500 words, plus references. Submit it as a comment somewhere I will see it, and specify that you are responding to my invitation to make your comment into a post.-- Pro Patria]

Nice idea, I would appreciate it. But later next week, as tomorrow I depart to Photokina exhibition in Cologne/Germany, which is critically important for my business.
In case you -- and surely other people who come and post here -- have some areas of special ineterest regarding my past and present country, its history, circumstances now and then, personal viewpoints and concepts (as they were mostly formed in quite a different context of, probably, a different civilization) -- just send me an email (you know it) or ask here.

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