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September 03, 2008


Not really. Her cynical use of her family as political hay (she cut funding for special ed, remember? Now she DARES play the Down syndrome card?) and her mean-spiritedness throughout, hidden behind the 'I'm just a small-town girl' rhetoric, combined with a lack of any kind of substance, makes this speech pretty on the outside, ugly on the inside.

Your analysis reads like a fan page - if it's for thinking people, THINK your way through it. Ask questions, don't just go "Oh wow, says this, excellent timing and delivery." Don't forget her lies on the bridge to nowhere, her nastiness in the campaign for Wasilla, the fact that she depended on earmarked spending, despite her claim to the contrary.

You *summarised*, you didn't ask a single question, you didn't analyse the text.

"Wrap-Up: A very strong speech. Here's the full text. Palin has excellent delivery and timing. No wonder the left is going crazy with attempted character assassination. It won't work. Nobody in their right mind will want to hate her."

THAT doesn't even begin to approach an analysis for thinking people. If you're a conservative Republican, call yourself that, and don't pretend to be a place for people who want incisive commentary.

Excellent speech by Palin.

When you two [deleted] do some poking into the Obama-Biden team, with the nastiness you have the McCain-Palin team, perhaps you'll be taken seriously. Until then, "Rezko!"

Thanks Kat. Some of your points are legitimate; others seem extremely partisan to me. You call Palin "mean-spiririrted," but frankly the comments Palin made about her adversaries in the speech were light-hearted and politce compared to your comment itself. Are you sure that you have not fallen prey to cynicism and mean-spiritedness yourself?

By the way, you're right about one thing -- my liveblogging of the Palin speech was not a detailed analysis and certainly not a nit-picking critique. Like our readers, I have enough common sense and humility not to try to demonstrate how brilliant I am with every post. Life is too short. I know the kind of person who tries too hard to sound incisive, deep, brilliant and profound with every word that leaves their lips or their keyboard, and I'm not one of those people. I'm happy to be profound some days and simple other days.

Our readers, however, are an exceptionally intelligent bunch, and they can analyze your comment and take it apart, if they choose to do so, just as easily as you have attepted to take apart Palin's speech. I don't care to do that right now.

And -- yes -- I plead guilty to find myself surpisingly enthusiastic about Palin at this time. You clearly want to defeat her. Sorry to have disappointed you.

Maybe you can show me how it's done by critiquing Obama's next speech (or whoever is your favorite candidate in the race), complete with fact-checking and without sounding like a fan club. Could you do that? Have you done that for a candidate whom you support? If you have written something like that or decide to do so, let me know and I'll even post it here or link to it as long as it's not defamatory, profane etc.

I'm not afraid of legitimate debate, Kat. I think it helps bring out the truth. That's why your comment is welcome here, even if it takes a dig or two at Palin and at me, and makes the legitimate point that I didn't report on Governor Palin's speech with anything approaching a fine-tooth comb.

Good luck to you personally, Kat, and please come back soon.

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