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September 12, 2008


Godly. Only one "L".

I've met tolerant Christians and I've met intolerant Christians. I've met people who claimed to be Christian and watched them lead very un-Christian lives. One only has to look at Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Baker, Coy Privette, Joe Barron, or one of the many Catholic Priests who have been caught in scandal to know that saying you're a Christian, acting like a Christian, and then actually being one are different things.

I don't know enough about Sarah Palin to say if she is a truly devout Christian or not. I don't think any of us does. So to support her on that reason is just as foolish as to attack her on that reason.

I do know that she eloped to marry her Husband, which goes against "honor thy mother and father". The facts on this one change a bit from source to soure, but it is said that her first child was born 8 months after her marriage, which if it was not premature, indicates that she engaged in pre-marital sex. Her daughter has engaged in pre-marital sex.

I was very disappointed to find out that this was the law while she was Mayor of Wasilla:


I understand the qualifying statement by Palin representative Maria Comella here, but I find it hard to understand why that was the practice from 1996 to 2000 (Palin's first term in office.) I find it to be a very un-Christian law.

I do realize that no one is perfect, and that we all fall in to sin from time to time. However, once again, having said all that, I will reiterate my point:

I do not know enough about Sarah Palin to be supportive of her as a Christian, I also do not know enough about Sarah Palin to be against her as a hypocritical Christian.

With politicians, it is always hard to tell what they actually believe, or if it is the lip service and genuflecting they do to earn their constituents support.

You said of people of faith, "you'll see men and women of faith doing generous service to others, both paid and unpaid. They are in soup kitchens. They are reading to the blind..." Your list is pleasantly long, but I think you should add one item: "They're offering their wagons to short liberals." This sounds silly, but Ms. Judith Warner was touched by a small act of kindness at a McCain-Palin rally and wrote a surprisingly nice essay as a result. I hope the mom with the wagon was a Christian, it would be fitting if she were.

AS for commenter Andrew Boylston's contention that Mrs. Palin's elopement was in violation of the 5th commandment, I wonder if he has any daughters and knows how much it costs to put on a wedding? Kidding aside, we are humans before we're moonbats or wingnuts. We need to consider each other's humanity and refuse to violate the 6th commandment, particularly the murder of one's reputation, during this campaign season. (Jesus raised the bar on the 6th commandment from mere murder to hating another without adequate cause.)

Our friends on the left will write papers on why we vote and act as we do, but they'll never, ever get it. Values inhere within the individual, and the libs are slowly coming to realize the individual is not ultimate. They now posit that the tribe, or community, or collective is larger than the ultimate and suggest that we act as we do for the sake of the tribe. It's a start. They realize there's something outside of ourselves that informs our ethics and actions, but this isn't my church or community or nation or political party, but the transcendent. And atheists will invariably find the transcendent unthinkable.

Gina Cobb here:

Thanks for pointing out the typo in the post title. It's now fixed. Perhaps that's a metaphor. Just because typos happen doesn't mean there should be no spelling rules. We have spelling rules for a reason -- so that we can understand each other.

Christians try to adhere to what we understand to be God's laws. Just as others often fail, we often fail. But life is better and the world is a better place because we try -- and try again.

"Christians try to adhere to what we understand to be God's laws. Just as others often fail, we often fail. But life is better and the world is a better place because we try -- and try again."

Well said.

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