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September 18, 2008


I found someone who agrees with you.

Comment: "I found someone who agrees with you.

Gina Cobb here: Still trying to play the "let's divide the classes" game, I see. It didn't work for Karl Marx, either.

The truth is, any able-bodied American can attain a good standard of living, and many eventually attain some degree of wealth.

Many immigrants to America who don't even speak English at first have started with nothing and become comfortably upper middle class or downright wealthy.

Read the "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" books sometime, if you haven't already. One of those books tells of two Vietnamese immigrants who came to America penniless and literally lived in the back of a doughnut shop, saving every penny, gradually working their way up to buying the doughnut shop and then achieving wealth. There are a miillion stories like that in America.

It does require hard work and sometimes it requires creativity. Work and creativity aren't bad things, are they? Why is the person who is working to achieve the American dream, and who does enough good for others that they are paid well, someone whom we should despise the minute they achieve the dream and start inviting and encouraging others to do the same?

Your elitism, my friend, is concerning to me. You don't think people can achieve financial success without help. You think wealth must be handed to people. But redistribution of the wealth -- through high taxes and government handouts, or by other means -- simply poisons incentives to work and create. It kills the golden goose and leaves everyone poorer. Yet that's the sort of "change" Obama supports. He thinks the golden goose hasn't been plucked enough. Let's see what happens if we pluck 50% of its feathers instead of only a third.

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