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August 26, 2008


What a huge set of heavy pro-georgian propaganda in one article of a journalist who dares to claim it unbiased!

From THE VERY FIRST IMAGE IN HIS BLOG! What a crap is that 4th century of resistance? Has he (or you, taking his words for unquestionable truth) ever learned history? Suffice it to say that in 19 century Russian empire lost about 130000 (one hundred thirty thousand) soldiers — to let Georgia be what it is now. About 30000 soldiers were lost fighting with Persians and Turks (BY DESPERATE REQUESTS OF THE GEORGIAN KINGS, who couldnot stand invasions without Russian help), and about a hundred thousand more died of various diseases in that poorly civilized (at that time) region.

I do not accuse Toten in lying; he just acts like a parrot repeating words of others.

"The back story began at least as early as the time of the Soviet Union." An exemplary ignorance! For the first time a Georgian delegation asked the Russian Tsar Feodor Ioannovich "to take their people under his power, and save their lives and souls" back in 1586. But at that time Russia could not afford it.
Anyhow, a small part of Georgia (Kartli-Kakheti kingdom) was incorporated in Russian Empire by strong and clearly expressed will of dying Georg XII. To 1810 Imereti and Abkhazia followed, in some Russia-Turkey wars Russia took over Akhalkalaki, Akhaltsikhe (1829), Adzharia (1878).

By the way, the territories annexed or conquered by Russia were never exploited the Western way of colonization, and the local people were never enslaved. As for Georgians, they played an important role in the life of Russia. General Petre Bagrationi became one of the Russian Army heroes of Borodino battle in 1812, which was a turnpoint of the French invasion.

And that lasted for centuries: Joseph Stalin and Lavrenty Beria, widely considered as symbols of a certain period of Soviet history, were both Georgians! Taking into account that Stalin is considered an evil dictator, maybe we Russians should issue an invoice to Georgia? To get some contribution? Just like some new Baltic countries do, claiming for contribution for the "Soviet occupation", which in fact was the Georgian (as Soviet Union was acting under the Georgian leadership)???

You, Mr. DR, dislike 'Defence of Details'; but this is exactly waht shows the truth: Michael Tottem was fooled by others, and now he fools others himself. Look:

"Before the troubles started, Abkhazia was an extremely ethnically mixed area: about 60 percent Georgian, 20 percent Abkhaz, and 20 percent assorted others – Greeks, Estonians, Armenians, Jews, what have you."
LIE! Population census of 1989 (the last one conducted in the USSR) shows for Abkhazia:
out of 526800 population, there were 45,6% Georgians (239900), 17.7% Abkhazians, 14.6% Armenians, 14.3% Russians. Small minorities included Greeks (2.8%), Ukrainians (2,2%), Byelorussians, Jews, Ossetians, Tatarians, and even Azeris (517 persons, 0.1%).
What a goebbels is Totten's visavis: he invented Estonians of nothing, remebered 1700 Jews (0.3%), but completely forgot Russians/Ukrainians/Byelorussians who together made for almost 17% of Abkhazian population!

Lying in details, how can they be trustworthy in general?

Again, one small quote: "Many atrocities committed by both sides, but mostly – at least that's what the Georgians say – by the Abkhaz."

This is all what Totten is about: about what the Georgians say.

Why won't you stop, Mr. DR, repeating phrases like "The various Russian forces also crossed the South Ossetian border and invaded the Georgian heartland, heading toward Tblisi, Georgia’s capital."

Should Russia need to capture Tbilisi or occupy all the territory of Georgia, we would do it in a couple of days (if not one), and nothing would prevent it. And nobody in the West would even try something more than bla-bla-bla. Because Russia is not Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq or, say, Grenada.

We just didn't need Tbilisi or territory we consider as Georgian, so please relax and try to enjoy the situation as it is. Whatever you say about democracy wherever, Russia has ever played a major role in Caucasus, and will play, as it is its zone of interest.
And Russia doesn't like the idea of NATO in Georgia, so we doubt it would ever come true.

Georgia is not a 'zone of interest' of Russia, it is a sovereign country which will be NATO member in the nearest future. Watch us!

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