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August 14, 2008


Rick (not Rich) nailed it on the head.

in general, people look for the easy way through life. The idea if having to earn anything repulses the immature adolescent to the core; trust not the least.

B. Hussein and John McCain will be at Rick's church tomorrow evening for a Q&A. coincidentally, that church is about 3 miles from my office and typically has a weekend attendance of around 30,000. My boss, who teaches a Sunday School class at Saddleback will be in attendance... no bone for Gawfer though.

Anyway, it should be an opportunity to hear some substantive answers to the issues that define the character of the man. The reason this is so important is because when the pressure comes (and it will), the character of the man is what sustains him. Weak character is an opportunity; no, an invitation for disaster.

Gawfer, thanks for catching the typo (now fixed) and for your insightful thoughts.

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